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Monday, April 18, 2011

An evening of music: Brentano String Quartet

Last night a friend and I saw the Brentano String Quartet perform a number of different pieces including Beethoven Quartet Opus 135. Our favourite moment of the night was hearing the 3rd movement of this Beethoven piece, the Lento Assai. It's a beautiful movement, and even more so when you can see it not just in your mind's eye but also in the movement of the musicians' bodies. I love watching a quartet perform. Each musician's contribution is uniquely beautiful yet they are all part of the same organism. If you ever have a chance to see a quartet live, take it!

The second favourite moment for me, just because it was in perfect contrast to the hoity-toityness of the concert atmosphere, was at dinner before the concert when Jack was blowing bubbles in his milk. The bubbles were overflowing the glass and making a right mess. I put a napkin under his glass and left him to it. We forgot to bring toys for Jack to play with at the restaurant, so I was just happy he found a way to entertain himself. Then Jack spilled his glass of milk, what was left of it, all over my pants.

Wet again. A friend of mine - a saint with four children - once described her early parenting years as always being wet. I now get that. I quietly cleaned myself off, cleaned my chair, cleaned the table, cleaned the floor, sat down and took another bite of my cornbread. It was an accident, what else was there to do?

Here are the Brentano String Quartet playing another piece (not performed last night, but one I quite like), Haydn String Quartet in D minor, Op. 76, No. 2 ("Quinten"). Enjoy!

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