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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ten Ways to Say, "I love you"

Monday Listicles (a little late)

I've been spending more time lately sharing what's going on in our world since being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. There's a lot to manage and I want to share this aspect of our lives as honestly as I can, but I also want to provide hope and optimism and a bit of cheer. To that end, I'm participating in a really fun link up that I have not been a part of for quite a while. I sure have missed trading lists with the listicle owner and her band of listicle makers!

I'm linking up with NorthWest Mommy's Monday Listicles, because it's never too late to say, "I love you" (even if it is... ahem... Thursday).

Sometimes, in the midst of my own struggle, I forget to acknowledge the small things that my husband does to make life a little easier for me. I even become frustrated when he forgets or seems to neglect to do certain things. To do so, at times, he would need to read my mind. The truth is, that despite not always knowing how to help, he ALWAYS tries, and the one thing I never question is his love for me.

This list is inspired by my husband and just one way that I can say, "I love you", back.


1. When your partner is broken and nothing you say seems to help, help anyway. Even if it's the 'wrong' thing to do, do it anyway.

2. Her feet are almost always cold. Warm up the foot of her bed and warm her feet with your hands as she prepares to sleep. She won't ask you to do this. Do it anyway.

3. When she collapses onto your lap, massage her aching back, shoulders and neck. Run your fingers through her hair. She seems to really like this.

4. When she hasn't the strength to take care of herself, don't nag or remind her. She has the list memorized. Instead, do it for her.

5. Pour her the warm bath you know she needs and offer your hand to lead her there. Turn on her favourite classical music and set her books at the side of the tub. Blow her a kiss and close the door.

6. Do the things that you always do even if no one else notices or says thank-you. Mow the lawn. Take out the garbage. Check the mail. Pay the bills. Do these things and expect nothing in return, for you do them out of love and love is its own reward.

7. Text her when you are out to see if there is anything she needs. Chances are she has a grocery list or drug store list and no interest in leaving the house to fill it. Do it for her.

8. When she is too tired to care what's for dinner, and though you have just arrived home from work and are tired yourself, make something you know she will enjoy. Do this day after day after day during the difficult times, until one day she can cook a meal. When she does, express your gratitude for something most husbands would take for granted.

9. When she feels guilt and worthlessness despite having every reason to feel the way that she does, remind her of all of the good that she does. And when she argues with you and refuses to give herself credit, remind her again.

10. When your partner is exhausted and overburdened by life's demands and has nothing left to give you in return for all that you do, love her all the same, for your love for her is unconditional and you would have it no other way.

My husband is pretty great, isn't he? People sometimes ask me how I do it. How do I keep on keeping on, despite my family's challenges, and with such a positive outlook? Well, I work hard at it, but no one is perfect. No one is up all of the time and when I'm down, my husband picks up the pieces and carries them for me until I am ready to carry them again on my own. He seriously rocks!

I love you too, honey. Thank-you for all that you do.



  1. that's a good man right there!
    but we all deserve it, don't we? I love how you said "love is it's own reward" : such a simple truth that is often over-looked in this what can you do for me? world.

    1. That's a good way to put it Rory. My husband is one of the least selfish people I know - he sacrifices so much - and that's what I was hoping to portray. I agree, we all deserve that kind of love! :)

  2. What a great list - and a great husband! Sounds a lot like mine. He is really way nicer to me than I am to him, I think. :) I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I completely understand how some of those things are a better way to say I Love You than some more typical romantic gestures. Glad I found your blog!

    1. Lisa, aren't we fortunate to have such sacrificing caretakers? I'm sorry you have to suffer with RA, but glad you have support. Thanks for stopping by!