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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day, and today I'd like to pay tribute to my own mom and to all mothers. Until we become mothers we can't truly appreciate the jobs our own moms did in raising us. The worries they carried so that we wouldn't have to, the dreams they had for our lives and the efforts they went to for our happiness: All of these things are a greater burden than anyone can imagine... until the burden is ours to bear.

This video sums up the job of motherhood as well as anyone ever could. All I can say after watching it is, "Phew!"

It's all worth it, of course, for those sparkling moments when our child does something nice for someone else or looks up at us and says "I love you, mom." It's the best job there is. Once you become a mother, truly every day is Mother's Day. Our children are always with us. We carry their hopes and fears in our hearts.

It is also the hardest job there is, and it's nice to be honoured on our special day. Most of us are so dog-tired that when asked the question, "What would you like for Mother's Day?" we respond, "Oh, maybe just a nice brunch out with all of you." Truthfully, we'd rather not wait in a line with all of the other exhausted moms and their families for a table in a crowded restaurant and a meal that, while lovely, will take far too long to arrive. But we love our families and we're accustomed to putting their needs above our own. Often we don't think about what we want, and when we do we're reluctant to voice it.

This year, when asked the question, I thought long and hard and then answered as honestly as I could, "Sleep. I just want to sleep the entire day away. I'm not sure I'll even need to eat, but if someone would occasionally bring me some food that would also be nice."

Happy Mother's Day! May you be treated like a queen, or at least not have to clean dirty diapers and walk the dog today.

Dads, kids, assuming you've left it this long to find that perfect gift for mom, fret not. Believe it or not, there's still hope for you. Check out this list of What Mothers REALLY Want on Mother's Day from Cool Bean Mommas. You can also check out this list of popular e-books for mom.

And dads, we know you carry a heavy load too, but today is not your day. Your day is in June, when I shall pay homage to you. Until then, trust that you are appreciated for your part in raising happy and healthy humans. Now be a dear and fetch mama a cocktail.


  1. I loved this post Sue. Great writing and wonderful inclusion of the video.

  2. Thanks Becky. That's so nice to hear! I just LOVE that video. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. great video....I was exhausted just from watching it!

  4. Thanks Becky! (I replied to you a couple of days ago, but then Blogger had an outage and lost my comment.) Sigh. Thanks for the compliment on the writing! That means a lot to me. I LOVE this video.

    Rachel, I agree. I've seen the video many times now and every time I watch it I am amazed! Moms really do work hard! Phew!