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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Family Rocks: Post-Mother's Day Reflections

Okay, I'm taking another crack at a post I wrote last week that was subsequently lost by Blogger. Nice! Let's see how much I can remember....

On Mother's Day I was sick with a cold. Sucks to be me, you say. Mmm... it wasn't all bad. Not that I wanted to be sick... again.... but it was just a cold (there are worse things in life), and in the end it turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

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A couple of weeks ago my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. I was just amazed to be asked that question more than 24 hours ahead of time. After I got over my shock, I jokingly said I'd like to sleep all day. I have been burning both ends of the candle, fighting off colds, and was exhausted. There were all sorts of reasons why that wasn't going to happen. We had other plans such as attending a Mother's Day/Birthday dinner for the matriarch of the family. But it was a nice dream.

Well, I came down with another nasty cold and guess what happened? I pretty much spent the day in bed. That's right. I got my wish. I couldn't go to dinner and risk making our 94-year-old aunt sick. Life essentially came to a halt. Well, except for the laundry that needed doing - sheets needed to be changed. Moms know this - no matter how sick you are, your to do list does not do itself. 

Thanks to that cold, I had time to slow down! My boys were great caretakers. They brought me food and made sure I had hot tea to drink. It was a wonderful Mother's Day! What I needed more than anything (besides sleep, which is just a standing order around here), was a chance to lay back and do nothing much of anything. Ahhh. 

Thanks boys. You two are the best. Thanks for caring about what I wanted and thanks for looking after me when I needed it!

By the way, if you find yourself sick, here are some tips on how to handle being a mom at the same time.


  1. Perfect! Great way to get your wish and some time to get better without guilt as well. Glad you got that time ;)

  2. Thanks Robin! I sure needed it. I hope your Mother's Day was relaxing too!

  3. What an uplifting and positive way to look at being sick while being a mom. I hate being sick (as do most normal folks), but I must say that my kids and hubby are very loving and understanding when I do succumb to some nefarious cold or something. Thanks for this great post.

    Samantha from vB

  4. Thanks Samantha! What would we do without them?

    Thanks for following. I subscribed to your RSS feed - many interesting topics covered on your site!