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Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

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It's Monday, and you know what that means!

This week, Stasha of #MondayListicles fame, has asked us for our Christmas wish list. This could be really fun!

Source: google.ca via Sue on Pinterest

First, to anyone reading this who might be in a position to buy me something for Christmas, please understand that I already love what you got me... or didn't get me... and I don't need even a single one of these things (except maybe the last two... or three). Everything I need, I already have. Love, Me.

And now to dream....

1) The perfect vacay, as recently described in The Perfect Vacay.

2) Time. Just time. Ideally, it will slow to an absolute crawl for at least a week or two.

3) Well, since I'm dreaming, I'd like lessons - lots of them: photography lessons, Spanish lessons, dance lessons, martial arts lessons, singing lessons and more guitar lessons.

4) Weekly massages. Drool.

5) Some kind of magical electronic planner that will organize my chaotic life. It wouldn't hurt if it also automagically answered the occasional email or tweet for me.

6) Books. I need more of these like a hole in the head, yet... I crave them. If I could just get a little more #2, oh, the reading I could do. (Hmm. That was very 'Dr. Seuss' of me.)

7) Music. I can never get enough of it either. Nothing helps time to slow like listening to a piece of really great music. (One of these weeks, I'm going to share my top ten Christmas songs!)

8) Snow. Yes, I'm the same girl who complains about being cold, but Christmas without snow is like PB without the J. All kinds of wrong.

9) Time with friends and family. For me, this is what Christmas is all about. Don't get me wrong, I love the excitement of opening gifts and having people open gifts from me, but the warmth provided by a house full of trusted companions, all in great spirits, can not be beat!

10) Finally, my greatest wish this season is that people take a moment to reflect on what's important, to commit acts of kindness, and to carry this goodwill long into the new year!

Oh, and I want more of these guys, who make me snort my tea they are so funny!

Having trouble viewing the video? Direct link: http://youtu.be/0AvzaGkekDE

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  1. I'm with you, especially on the time thing. Oh, and the massages. Okay, well, all of it really.

  2. Time would be the best thing to have more of this season, that's for sure.

  3. great list, especially the "more time" bit... I think that item is tops on everyone's list. Can't agree with you about snow, though, I have to say. Am loving this, my first "winter" in warm weather. I wiggle my toes in their sandals at the thought of winter!

  4. Here is your first Spanish lesson for this x-mas:

    Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo.

    There, did you get it? of course you did. But just in case my spelling did not sound it correct it is pretty much like "Merry X-mas and Happy New Year"

    Tu amiga,

  5. I've gone through 36 years of Christmas without snow and yes it does seem like something's missing. And in place of real snow, we have cotton, bubbly white foam and tiny styrofoam balls. *sigh*
    Great list! :)

  6. Such a great list! #9 is definitely one of the very top things I hope to accomplish this year!

  7. That would be the perfect gift list for me, too. I have often wished for a 36 hour day!

  8. I really love your list! I would love for you to think about joining my Giving Others Christmas http://www.jdaniel4smom.com/2011/12/giving-others-christmas-link-up-and.html

  9. I can totally relate with you about the time and the books thing. Though I feel like if I had more time, I would find other things to fill it. :)


  10. Great list, Sue!! And snow on Christmas is a MUST!!
    I love all of the lessons you'd like to take...maybe someday?

  11. Thanks Amanda! Oooh, that reminds me, I need to book a massage for when I am on the coast...

    Definitely, Bridget. Just imagine all of the good we could accomplish with more time (and, just imagine the sleep)!!

    Deborah, while I love the beauty of snow at Christmas, I am simultaneously jealous of your feet!

    Aw, thank-you mama! :) Gracias amiga!

    G, perhaps we should trade places one year... just for a little variety! :)

    Barbara, agreed! What's any celebration without friends and family? Cheers!

    Kristen, that is like a dream! Thirty-siz hours? Especially if only us moms got it - an extra 12-hours while the rest of the world stool still!

    JDaniel4's Mom, thanks! I'll pop by in a little while to check out your link.

    Shanan, that's so true. Kind of like a purse - the bigger it is, the more stuff you put in there! :)

    Jen, thanks. Yes, I hope to get to them someday. In the meantime, I'm not without other hobbies to keep me busy!! :)

  12. This is a great list and I want every single one of them, too! Especially the massage lol!

  13. I love your whole entire list. Nothing on there I wouldn't want! A little snow WOULD make it perfect, too :)

  14. Yeay for the Kid History dudes! I want everything on your list too! Especially #5! and I love your little rhyme :)

  15. Christina, massages are major sanity-savers!

    Ally, thanks! I love how pretty all the Christmas lights look reflecting off the snow!

    Thanks Stasha! I figured you would be able to relate to #5! :)

  16. totally agree about #8, excpet i don't ever (ok rarely ever) complain about snow.

  17. I want everything on your list too! The time, the books, the snow, the photography lessons. Aww, how I love this time of year. I'm glad I have your bloggy friendship. Can't wait to meet you in person soon:)

  18. If you could buy time, that would definitely be the best gift ever! Hahahah.

  19. I would love to have time too. And massages. And ooh, a magical planner would work so much magic for me this Christmas. Haha love this list!

  20. Great list, Sue!

    #10 - yes, that.

  21. I would like everything on your list except for the snow! (-:
    It's a great list.

  22. I would love snow just on Christmas day and then for it all to magically disappear the next!

  23. If you get any of these great things I'm coming over to share!!