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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Junior's first hockey game

Today we have a special treat for our Jack. We're taking him to a professional hockey game!

The exclamation point is for his dad. I think it will be a fun day. The excitement in the air. The hot dogs. For Jack's dad though, this is a rite of passage that moves Jack from mere Canadian to hockey fan (which includes all other features of being Canadian). With this one event, Jack's hockey-loving identity may be formed, if it wasn't already encoded in his genes before he was born.

He's still at that age where he could be just as interested in seeing how many times he can climb and descend the steps in the arena as what's happening on the ice, but my husband is hoping for more. He's hoping, like all other Canadian dads, that Jack will love the game, become a professional hockey player (despite his ancestry), and support us in our old age. I can get behind that!

One of the many great things about young children is that they are full of potential. At this age, it's still true that they can have and be anything at all. Of course we will support Jack in following his own dream, whatever that turns out to be - as long as he's happy and healthy, we're happy - but while he's little we may as well indulge our fantasies!

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Four women were having coffee and bragging about their children.  The first woman says, "My son is a priest.  When he walks into a room, everyone calls him father."

The next woman tries to top her, "Really?  My son married the princess of a small European country and when he walks into the room, people call him your highness!"

The third woman chirps, "Well, my son is a cardinal of the church.  Whenever he walks into a room, people call him your eminence!"

The fourth woman is just sitting there sipping her coffee silently and the other three look at her in a subtle way, as if to say 'well...?'  She smiles and says, "Oh.  My son is a very large and handsome hockey player.  Whenever he walks into a room, women say, "OH MY GOD...!" 
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