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Friday, September 02, 2011

The ABC's of Me

The ABCs of Me is a post written for Voiceboks, The Voice of Motherhood. If you're not a member of Voiceboks yet, check it out. It's a great community for connecting with other blogging-networking moms.

This list seems to be more The ABCs of Free Association than a list of words that describe me directly.... but it still says something about me.

A is for ADAPTABILITY. I would be nowhere without this word.
B is for BEAUTY. It's everywhere and I'm soaking it up.
C is for COOKIE and that's good enough for me.
D is for DREAM. DARE to DO it.
E is for ECLECTIC. That's my blog. That's me.
F is for FAITH. It'll all work out in the end.
G is for GRATITUDE, one of my favourite and most useful words.
H is for HAIR. I have a lot of it, and I think it's safe to say I obsess over it just a little bit.
J is for JACK. Just JACK.
K is for KISSES. Can you have too many of these? Noooooo.
L is for LOVE. It's all you need.
M is for MOM. Best job ever!
N is for NURTURE. It's what we moms do.
O is for OOMPH! There it is!
P is for PEACE. Aum.
Q is for QUIET. I vaguely remember this being highly restorative, bringing me lots of P.
R is for RAUCOUS, something more familiar to me these days than Q.
S is for SERENDIPITY. Surprising good fortune just makes my day.
T is for TRANQUILITY. Are you sensing a theme?
U is for UPLIFT. My mission. My goal.
V is for VALUABLE. You are. I am.
W is for WARMTH. Ahhhh.
X is for XYLOPHONE. It makes music and starts with X.
Y is for YES. Everyone's favourite word.
Z is for ZEBRAS. Who doesn't love zebras?

I'm also linking up today with a fellow Canadian blogger and friend, Bruna for Let's Bee Friends Friday. Each Friday, Bruna features a new blogger. Check it out! It's a great way to meet new friends.

Let's BEE Friends


  1. What a great list! After C though I couldn't stop humming the song to myself!

  2. Ha ha! Thanks Barbara. It's stuck in my head too, along with the image of a happy furry blue monster.

  3. I now will not be able to get the cookie song out of my head!! Great post!! I love your ABC list! Quiet is but a mere memory for me too! I love reading everyone's post it is so cool how we each have made it our own! Thanks again for a really fun read!!

  4. Love it. (Especially C, J, and V!)

  5. Sorry Kathy. :> I complain about the quiet, but when I'm alone in the house now, I kind of miss it... for about five minutes!

  6. Love it. And I couldn't help but to think of MC Hammer when I read your O. Hahahah....

  7. HA HA! I'm talking it back to the old school.
    'Cause I'm an old fool who's so cool.
    If you want to get down I'm gonna show you the way. Whoomp there it is!

  8. Love this list, Sue! I could always go for some ice cream ;)

  9. What a beautiful list. Love the words you chose. Gratitude is a favourite word of mine right now.

  10. Jen, some people say we have two seasons here in AB - they call them winter and construction, but I call them winter and ice cream! One summer I ate two ice cream cones a day! (And gained 10 lbs - shhhh.)

  11. Thank-you, Bruna! That G word is a good one, isn't it?

  12. That is a great list...and being a mom=adaptability. And nurturing is the best part of being a mommy besides the little kisses :)

  13. What a great idea to do! I would've said S is for sleep, lol!

  14. Natalie, thanks. You're right! Mom=adaptability!

  15. Great Blog, great list! Thanks for sharing =)

    Visiting from vB and www.simplycrazybeautiful95@blogspot.com

  16. Love the ABCs of you. I might do an ABC list for myself too. I really must check out voiceboks.

  17. Thanks Kass, and thanks for the follow! Over to check out your blog....

  18. Thanks Germaine. You definitely should check out Voiceboks. Great community.

  19. Love you list. Makes me want to go do yoga right now. And have ice cream. Stopping by from voiceBoks.com. I'm following you on GFC right now. Love your background picture, BTW!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  20. Michelle, thanks! Yoga with ice cream. Hmm... that's not a bad idea! :) Thanks for following. I'm already a fan of your blog!

  21. Ahhhhh, P and Q made me wishful. And T. :D Loved X, Y and Z, too. Great list all the way around, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Smile and Mama With Me

  22. What a cute list :) I'd have to agree with your K... never ever beyond forever it can be enough :)

    Spanish Pinay

  23. Thanks Mandi! I very much miss P & Q also. Totally random X, Y, and Z! ;)

  24. Spanish Pinay, thank-you! It was either going to be *K* is for *K*isses or *K* is for *K*arma. I figure if I dole out enough kisses that will take care of the karma! :)

  25. LOL-Becky. You can blame England for that one! :)

  26. Awesome list! I don't get much P & Q either these days =)

  27. Thanks, Christina. I hear a lack of P&Q is a pretty common motherhood complaint. Totally worth it though, right?

  28. Can't believe I missed this! Better late than never...obviously I love your letter P...Aum :)

  29. Ha, Christine! Of course - P is in honour of you! :)