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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Best of the Blogosphere:
May 2012 Blog Tour

It's time for the Best of the Blogosphere, May 2012 Edition!

May 2012 Blog Tour

There is so much great content out there, and since there's also a LOT of content out there it's sometimes easy to miss the really stellar posts. Every day we bloggers give pieces of ourselves to the blogosphere. This feature is my way of showing my appreciation for your efforts and to thank-you all for supporting mine.

Won't you join me?

Friday, May 04, 2012

Hasta Luego!

After much consideration (and procrastination), I am finally outta here! Not forever, but for a while. I may - because I lack self-control - be checking in, but if anyone asks, I'm not here!

The plan is to return in the fall. That should give me a few months to deal with the news of our son's illness and rearrange our lives accordingly. Plus, the best months of the year are upon us - time to play!

In the meantime, there's still lots of great content here to explore:

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The Inevitability of Change and the Futility of Resistence

Or something to make you go 'Hmmm' or 'Awwwww'?
Remembering 'G'
My Heart Belongs to You Little One
I Choose Community not Competition
Ten Things Quotable
Not My Mother's Daughter

Looking for a little parenting advice?
Ten Tips for New Moms
Quiet Time: A Welcome Daily Ritual
Is Competition Good for our Children?
Are Parents More or Less Involved in Their Kids' Lives These Days? Is This Good or Bad?
Do You Take Time for Yourself Each Day?

Or perhaps some help in the kitchen would be nice!
Eat a Rainbow!
Lunch Should be a Four Letter Word
Drink Your Greens
Peanut Butter & Pretzel Truffles
Honey, Is There Anymore Cake?
Cheddar Cheese Potage
(Stay tuned upon my return for some delicious and healthy allergy-free recipes!)

You can also check out some of the fabulous guests I have hosted at Cookie's Chronicles.

And if you're a book lover like me, visit Cookie's Book Club for book reviews, author interviews and great giveaways!

Finally, if you're looking for other great blogs to follow, check out some of my favourites!

To my faithful readers and friends, thank-you for your continued support and feedback. I look forward to reconnecting in the fall. Have a wonderful summer and stay well!



Thursday, May 03, 2012

Best of the Blogosphere:
April 2012 Blog Tour

It's time for the Best of the Blogosphere, April 2012 Edition.

April 2012 Blog Tour

Every day bloggers give pieces of themselves to the blogosphere. This feature is a way of showing appreciation for those efforts and to highlight some great blog content you might have missed!

Want you join the fun?

There are three ways to participate in the Best of the Blogosphere link up!
  1. Link up your best post from the month of April
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  3. Write a list of the April posts you enjoyed most, like I did, and link it up. (Remember to also include in your list the post you're most proud of writing this month!)
Please grab and display the BOTB button anywhere in your post. 


Cookie's Mom is not here this month (Cookie is not feeling well). 

This month, Jennifer of Just Jennifer is sharing her picks for The Best of the Blogosphere. Visit her blog to see who she picked, and link up!

This linky will remain open until May 13th.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Letters for You
Guest Post

On the road again.....

Thanks for stopping by! Today you'll find me visiting Tonya, the proprietor of Letters for Lucas. Tonya is a stay-at-home mom, like yours truly, and like me she writes to document life with her son and for a little free therapy.

I am honoured to be a guest writer for Tonya's Letters for You feature!

Today, I'm sharing a piece of my soul with a very personal letter to a loved one.

Come on by, won't you, and share your thoughts on my contribution to this wonderful series?

Feel free to poke around while your there and check out some of the other messages left by previous guest posters. Tonya has amassed quite a collection of deeply moving letters.

Thanks, Tonya, for including me in this wonderful feature!