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Monday, February 28, 2011

February Poll Results: Do you take time for yourself each day?

Here are the results of our February Poll:

A. Does dressing and feeding myself count? (No!)
B. The bathroom door has a lock on it. That's as close as it gets. (Sounds like you could use a little more 'me' time.)
C. I try to find at least half an hour to read, sip some tea, or watch my favourite show. (Now we're getting somewhere!)
D. I get to do things I enjoy at least one to two hours each day. (You're livin' the dream!)
It's great to see that such a large number (88%) of us are making time for ourselves! Taking time for ourselves is important to our well-being. We need time to recharge, if we're going to do the best job we can, whatever our job is. Nowhere is "me" time more important than when you work at home. Whether you work outside of the home and then come home to work, or stay at home to work, finding time for yourself is tricky when there are constant demands on your time. Parents become aware of this challenge early on. We want the best for our kids, and our selves often suffer.

The trouble is, if we do not take time for ourselves - if we don't recharge our batteries - we have less energy available for our kids. We're not doing the most efficient job we can, if we're burned out. There's another problem too. Our children take their cues from us. If we don't make time for ourselves, then they won't learn to do so either. It's important for kids to learn that caring for others and being with others is healthy, and that caring for themselves is just as important.

Even a half hour per day spent solely on something you enjoy can be rejuvenating. If you're thinking, I have no time to make time for myself, you're not alone. But there are ways to find, borrow or steal extra time. When you do find this time, resist using it to 'get something done'. The laundry can wait, but your sanity can not!
Get up a half hour earlier. If your a parent, get up before the kids. Yes, some days that seems impossible. The little dears seem to sense our need for time to ourselves, and wake up earlier and earlier. Stay the course!

Take time as soon as the kids are in bed or your work is done for the day. If you have a tendency to work until you drop, set an end-of-day time limit, say 9:00, and stop working then.

Use the lunch hour at work if you work outside of the home, just a half hour of it. Take a walk, window shop, read a book in a sunny window, have lunch with a supportive friend, do what it takes to recharge.

If you have young children, use the first half hour of nap time to do something just for you. Use the rest of nap time to do the laundry. If your young children are at home with you and are no longer napping (sigh), try to maintain a quiet time every day and use part of this time to recharge.
Here are some "me-time" ideas to inspire you:
Take a warm bath or luxurious hot shower.
Do some writing, reading, painting, beading - whatever brings you joy or peace or whatever you call that "ahhh" feeling you get from being creative.
Go out with yourself. What have you always wanted to do that you can't convince hubby or other friends to do? Do it anyway!
Meet a friend for a coffee. 
Care to share your "me-time" ideas? How do you make time for yourself?


  1. Yes I do but it is difficult both 'allowing' myself and 'making' the time...I started writing my blog as a me time thingy ~hence the name MomMeTime. I am also very blessed to be with someone that supports me in my need for some alone time or gal pal time. Especially now that our kids are older (3 & 6) he is much more comfortable with it (infancy was a bit of a challenge) ~now he is a natural! It is not at all unusual for him to take both girls for the day while I get stuff done or an evening out to have dinner with a girlfriend.

  2. I know just what you mean. I have a supportive partner as well. It makes all the difference! But in the end we have to feel we are worth it, don't we?