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Friday, February 18, 2011

We know how to par-tay!

If you're a parent, and even if you're not, you may be able to relate to this scenario. You've put the kids to bed, you've cleaned up the kitchen and finished the other household to-dos. You've walked the dog or cleaned out the cat box. You've refilled your toddler's water cup and put her back to bed. You've checked and answered your email and phone messages. You've helped find Binky/Fluffy/Teddy and put him and his owner back to bed. The laundry is underway - is it ever NOT underway? The garbage has been taken out. The day is done! You turn to your significant other and say, "So, what do you want to do?"
S.O.: "I dunno. Anything on the PVR?"
You: "Ah... ya. Two episodes of Dr. Oz. and three of Oprah."
S.O.: "VETO! Anything on the tube right now?"
You: "Lemme see. The Bachelor, Jersey Shore, Kate Plus 8, reruns of Baywatch..."
S.O.: "Ooooh, Bayw.."
          (or if your SO is a she: "Ooooh, The Bache...")
You: "VETO!"
S.O.: "O-kay. You wanna watch a movie?"
You: "Ya we could, but it's... like... almost 9:00."
S.O.: "You wanna just go to bed?"
You: "Sounds like a plan."
I still remember meeting up with the girls at 9:00. The night had just begun. These days I'm lucky if I manage to brush my teeth with toothpaste instead of Tiger Balm that late at night.

Hubby and I get so excited these days about things like date night. A chance to get away from the PVR and act like real adults - out in the world, livin' life like there's no tomorrow. Throwing caution to the wind! Staying up all night! About once a month we hire a sitter, get dressed to the nines and head out on the town. We're pretty proud of ourselves for being out of the house past 9 o'clock. This rocks! We should do this every weekend! Come 10 o'clock though, we are yawning into our wine glasses, thinking about being pounced on at 5:00 am, and we start to sing a different tune: "Wanna go after this set? Get a decent sleep before junior wakes up?"
Me: "Sounds like a plan. Thanks for a great night out."
Spouse: "You're welcome. I had a great time."
Me: "It may only be 10 o'clock, but we still rock."
Spouse: "Ya, we do!"
Me: "So, who gets to sleep in tomorrow?"
Spouse: "Rock, paper, scissors?"
Me: "Deal. 1... 2..."


  1. Ha! One of the reasons I don't have children. I love my 'me' time far too much and I could never go to bed at 10 or 11pm. My friends have a little daughter and I could see their life changing dramatically.

  2. It is a wee bit of an adjustment, Stella. I have the utmost respect for people who choose to remain childless. I was one of them for many, many years. I still find my 'me' time, but it's different now. It happens when the boys are out skating (e.g. now), in the middle of the night when the writing bug wakes me up, in the car after I drop my son off at preschool. It all works itself out. Plus I started my family a little later in life, so, as much as I joke about no longer being able to 'par-tay', I've had my fair share of the fun. :) Thanks for your comments.