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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Introducing our newest addition... Carl!

Apparently, we have a new resident. The other day, Jack and I had this seemingly benign conversation over lunch at a local restaurant:
Jack: Mom, there's a monster at our house right now.

Mom: Well, that's okay Jack because we're not there right now. Hey! I wonder if he's cleaning the house for us?

Jack: Is it dirty?

Mom: No, you're right, it's pretty clean right now. Maybe he's doing the laundry!

Jack: Yes, he's a nice monster. He does our laundry.
When we arrived home, monster was still at our house. Jack took monster to his room with him and they played together for an hour. Later, Jack told me that monster is the same age as Jack and just as tall. He doesn't have sharp nails so he doesn't make marks on the floor (I have no idea where this came from). Also, monster seems to like all the same things as Jack! Monster has been everywhere with us, and has his own place at the table now.


And just like that Jack has an imaginary friend. A monster. We think his name is Carl.

Apparently, this is totally normal and even beneficial.

So, I'm riding the wave.

Jack seems very happy with Carl, and that makes me happy too. It's about time there was someone else around here to play with besides mommy!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Are there imaginary friends in your home?



  1. I had two imaginary friends as a child. I 'played' with them for years.
    My youngest daughter had a few but they were always very short-lived. Me, I was committed to these people. lol

  2. Love this!! I, too, had imaginary friends. Looking forward to hearing more about this "monster" :)

  3. Committed - lol! It will be interesting to see how long 'Carl' sticks around.

  4. Jen, it's pretty funny. Wherever we go we need to make room for Carl. Today when we went for a bike ride with Jack in the chariot, Jack decided (with prompting from mom) that Carl was a very fast monster and he ran behind us. :)

  5. That is just too cute! I like monsters that will clean the house & do laundry! If he happens to do dishes too even better! Can you please ask Jack if we can borrow Carl for a day? :)

    My Adventures in Mommyland

  6. Adorable! I wish WE had a laundry monster!

  7. Mommy and Amanda, I'll see what I can do. If Jack finds any of Carl's monster friends hanging around, I'll encourage him to share! :)

  8. Following from the hop ... great blog! I'll be clicking around before I leave~ so much fun to be found.

  9. So cute! What an imagination! I'm visiting and following from the Hop. Come visit me at www.gritsandgiggles.blogspot.com

  10. I think this is cute! What a great imagination!

  11. Carl sounds like a pretty cool monster...when he's done doing your laundry send him my way ;)

  12. No imaginary friends yet....but there is a collection of rocks that used to travel with us all the time. Whenever we went on family walks, my daughter would pick up like EVERY rock she could, and we would just quietly put them in our pockets. Then she discovered that we were dumping them upon returning home. nay, nay! now there is a basket for her little "friends". LOL
    Thanks for stopping by my blog....following you now too.

  13. Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

    Sounds like I might be able to start a little side business lending out our handy monster, Carl!

    Rory, my sister did the same thing and ended up becoming a geologist!

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  16. Hello. I love this entry. I'm a new follower from I Love My Online Friends. I love the way you handled the monster. If only there actually were cleaning monsters in real life! -Lola at Dharma Killed Dogma Buddhist Blog

  17. Sue, I don't have monsters at my house, but I do have grimlins! They like to hide things from me. Most of the time I will find them later in the strangest places. I have told you I have 6 grandkids right? But they swear they didn't touch whatever is missing. I have to believe them, right? They would never ever lie or fib so it must be grimlins. Right now there is a remote that has been missing for about 5 months now.

    Linda Mc

  18. Wassup Carl...can I borrow him to come do my laundry???? :)

    New follower from I love my Online Friends Monday Hop.

    Karma Kristin


  19. I love this post!!! We have had a few "freinds" over the years, I always loved it!! Jack sounds like such a doll!!! I think it is great that the monster does not have sharp claws!!! Enjoy!!!

    VoiceBoks/ My dishwasher's possessed

  20. Hello to all my new followers! Thanks so much for stopping by! I believe I have now followed you all back! It sounds like I may have to clone Carl.

    Linda... Gremlins? That must be it! I can no longer blame my husband for missing things now that we have a child... and now that I have suffered baby brain (and never fully receovered) I can't really be sure *I* didn't lose the missing thing! ;)

  21. LOL! I haven't run in to this yet. My kids are 5 years and 3 years so I think they entertain each other!

  22. Wait, he does laundry? I want one! My girl is not quite one, so if she has an imaginary friend, she can't tell us yet. I have my fingers crossed for one who does housework, though.

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks! :)

  23. Mandi and Beth, thanks for stopping by.

    Mandi, apparently it's common among children with siblings also and can happen up to 11 years of age or so. There may be a Carl (or Carla) in your future yet!

    Beth, I'll cross my fingers for too for you!

  24. I had an imaginary dog for years. His name was Rex and he was a retired police dog. He was my best bud. I am excited to see who my son "befriends".