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Monday, July 25, 2011

What 'Green' Means to Me

Today, I'm linking up again with Stasha from The Good Life for Monday Listicles. She has a great list of 10 Things Green that's worth checking out (her lists always include fabulous photos).

Green is....

1. Green is a name for the movement to save the environment. The whole "green thing" has taken on a life of its own. If it hasn't landed in your inbox yet, check out this email that's been going around: The Green Thing.

2. Green is a colour! Last week, I shared Ten Words I Could Live Without, where I shared my desire to return the word green to its rightful place as a colour... just like in the good old days. Green is my favourite colour. Read the rest of my green words and you'll see why.

3. Green is the colour of my birthstone, the grand and beautiful emerald. Coincidence that it's my favourite colour?

4. Green is the colour of nature. I love trees. I love how they sound when they move together à la Phenomenon. There's nothing more restful than the view from the top of a mountain, and that view just wouldn't be the same without the carpet of trees that lines the slopes.

5. Green is also the colour of envy. For example, I am envious of the person with the lifestyle and personality to match this shoe!


6. Green is for avocado. Avocados make everything better, especially salads and sandwiches. All of my favourite mexican foods are elevated to higher heights by the beautiful and delicious guacamole. By the way, avocados are a great way to add healthy fat to your diet. They're full of MUFAs - "bless you" - thank-you, but I didn't sneeze. MUFA stands for monounsaturated fatty acid. It's good stuff.

7 & 8. Green is for garden hose and green is for grass. Nothing says summer like running through the sprinkler on the front lawn!

9 & 10 &... Green is for shamrocks and leprechauns and all other things Irish. Green beer - it's not JUST for St. Patrick's day anymore!

Now, is it any wonder that I love the colour green?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What do you think of when you think of the word 'green'?


  1. I love avocados too! And green is a great color.

  2. Something about viewing these images and reading your words all on top of a breathtaking background for your blog, truly made me feel like I could smell and feel green right now :) It's probably the closest I've ever felt to nature while sitting in front of a computer, so thank you!

  3. Great list! I didn't realise avocados were good for me, besides tasting good!

  4. Your list always puts a smile on my face. Love how it looks like your son is filling up McQueen's tank. How green will that be, cars running on water!
    Avocado made it on so many lists. That is great. Would be on top of my list, but my son is so far not a fan. I like this MUFA business. Think I will work it into most of my conversations this week: Mufa is good for your brain, go eat avocado with olive oil.
    Cannot wait to see your list next week!

  5. I really loved the reference of envy and the shoe.

  6. Rach, I love avocados too. My little guy is not such a fan, but I'm working on him!

    K, those are kind words - you're welcome!

    Saretta, I was so happy to hear that they are full of GOOD fats, since I was eating a whole lot of them! :)

    Stasha, you are the inspiration for the list, so thanks to you! Yes, Jack loves his McQueen sprinkler. Not so environmentally friendly, my running it for an hour at a time, but the lawn (just that 5 foot square patch, apparently) really needed watering.

    Thanks, Mama. That is one gorgeous shoe, isn't it?

  7. I love how meaningful to you your items are!

    Also? I love the green beer! :)

  8. Thanks Galit. The green beer does look rather satisfying, doesn't it? Cheers! :)

  9. The grass picture reminded me of the grass we laid a couple weeks ago in our yard. Very soon I will get to play on it. Can't wait! Great list.

  10. Avocados are one of the most nutritious food you can eat. And, emerald is also my birthstone! But, I've never seen green beer though. Nice list!

  11. Jessica, enjoy your new grass! Nothing says summer like the feel of grass between your toes!

    Thanks Mom2kiddos!

  12. Those green shoes are to die for and yes I agree... avocados make everything better!

  13. Barbara, I SO want those shoes! Can you believe they were $40? ... at Sears?

  14. At first when I heard the phrase "Going Green" I thought it was a play off getting mad or something like that since the Hulk goes green when he's furious =) Anywho, I don't drink, but that Green Beer looks very enticing? Is it good? I'm guessing a flavor between citrusy, limey, and sweet.

  15. I'd like to tell you that it's as interesting as that, but it's typically just beer with green food colouring in it. This doesn't add any flavour. Adding a twist of lime might help it to also taste green.

  16. Oh, and running the sprinkler on the lawn made me think about a "green" thing unique to Calgary - your created wetlands that filter the city's storm water so that it is as clean going back into the Bow River downstream as coming out upstream - and so, therefore and thus, if you wash your car with dawn dishsoap whilst it is parked on your lawn, you are being very green!
    b again

  17. Nice list. I am also envious of those shoes. I have huge feet and can only wear clown shoes, so basically I am jealous of all shoes ;c(

  18. I think of sitting outside a Japanese junior high that I taught at, watching Sports Day festivities and being startled when one of the questions was, "Is Deborah-Sensei's favorite color pink or green?" (The students stood on either side of a rope based on their answer.) I was delighted when every single student instantaneously--and correctly!--jumped to the green side. "Green" means trees to me, and trees mean home. No matter how long I live in L.A., the feeling of that will remain constant.

  19. Thanks 'b' - aka 'anonymous' - aka 'b again'. Not sure how hubby will feel about me parking the car on the lawn to wash it, but I'll just tell him it was your idea! :)

    Theresa - you and me both - though I still try to squeeze them into shoes like this.

    Deb, I love that story, and I love trees too.