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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Work, work, work!

It's Monday Listicles time again with @NorthWestMommy.

This week Squashed Mom asked us to write about the Top Ten Strange (odd/unusual/funny/interesting) Jobs we have held in our lives. I don't know how interesting my previous jobs will be to others, but they have each, in their own unique ways, shaped who I am today.

1. I sold magazines - for one week! Worst. Job. Ever!

2. I worked at an auto glass company, answering phones and generally trying not to overhear what insurance rules were being broken by my sleezy boss.

3. I was a salad girl in two different restaurants. Actually had a lot of fun working in kitchens with some very quirky characters!

4. I was a hostess and later a head hostess. Oooh. Ahhh. I know!

5. I was waitress of both food and later cocktails. In that latter job position I referred to myself as a liquor prostitute, having had to dress up in a skirt and high heels to sell alcohol. Sometimes fun, most of the time just exhausting, but it paid some of my university bills... by which I mean it kept me in Mac 'n Cheese.

6. I worked for a fancy schmancy car credit company. Every time I told people who I worked for they would be totally impressed and ask if I drove one (mostly I said, No).

7. I greeted people at the university and told them where to go - right up my alley! :P

8. I worked as a peer counsellor at university. Great job. I love helping people. Can you tell by the fact that all of my jobs have been in the customer service industry?

9. I programmed computers and fixed them when they broke. Okay this one may not seem to be about customers, but it is. Everyone is your customer when you are in charge of the computers!

10. I'm a mom. Hardest job ever! Best. Job. Ever!

There you have it - my working life in a nutshell.

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  1. I would love to hear more stories about you being a cocktail waitress!
    You had some perty interesting jobs there Sue. I'm not surprised you were in the service industry. Nice tweeps always are! (Usually)

  2. also did my time in the service industry - in front of and behind the bar - to pay for school. which means, ramen noodles and beer :)
    seems weird now that it all appeared to be a grand adventure at age 19 to 21.

  3. A computer fixer. That is impressive. That makes me think you are very smart:)

  4. See - very smart. Computer programmer or something? Too bad you are that far.

  5. Mom has been my most challenging job too.

  6. Liquor Prostitute! Hmm - was that on your business card? (-:

  7. Oh, these are some jobs that I just couldn't do! I'm not great with people. I mean, I like people, but I'm shy and not really all that comfortable chatting with strangers. So, I'm glad there are people like you in the world that do it instead!

  8. Oh my goodness, you've done it all and everything in between. I can't imagine seeing you as a cocktail server. Thanks for sharing all these facts about you.

  9. Bruna, it was an interesting career to say the least. I worked in one of the most popular bars in the city, where some fun bands played - lots of interesting characters!

    Rory, it would be more of an adventure now! LOL Can't imagine doing those jobs today.

    Thanks Lisa. I always had the aptitude, but it was never my passion. I liked helping people, but computers... well, as you may be aware, they are very annoying! :)

    Thanks Nadia. These days I get hubby to fix my computer when it breaks (he's a computer smartie too).

    JDaniel4'sMom, I think it's so hard because I am more invested in it than in any other job I've had.

    Ado, pft, no. :) Most of these jobs - possibly everything outside of my computer programming career - have never made it onto my resume. But can you imagine that interview? HA!

    LOL Thanks Greta. I'm not sure I was always the best with people, but I wanted to be so I tried hard.

    Barbara, it's hard for ME to imagine that life. Sometimes it seems to me I have lived several separate lives. Could NOT do those jobs now!

  10. liquor prostitute haha! Love it! :)

  11. Sounds like you serve drinks, salad, and food in your sleep! I'm sure you have lots of fun stories!

  12. I would hate to sell magazines! I bet that really was the worst job ever. At least now you have the best job ever though!

  13. I like your positive spin on your jobs. And computer "fixer" does not sound like a fun job to me, I am very technologically challenged, but I am SO grateful for people like you that know how to do the fixing!!

  14. All my jobs were in customer service too. Best mommy training :) You must have been a great counselor.

  15. I always thought it would be a great job to be a peer counselor.
    I never worked in the service industry, which by my husband's standard is a catastrophe. Apparently he believes it is a rite of passage. I missed that memo!

  16. cocktail waitress truly sucks. Ugh. Liquor prostitute is EXACTLY right. I had a guy grab my elbow once to get my attention--apparently he didn't notice that my elbow was attached to my arm, which was carrying an entire trayful of drinks--crash, crash, crash. And then HE got mad at ME. (I quit). Totally prepared me for parenthood, though, I realize now: when my kids lose something IT'S MY FAULT.

  17. Mom is my hardest and best job ever too!

  18. Liquor Prostitute, LOL, they don't call us tip whores for nothing. Impressive list.

  19. Those are some interesting jobs, I was also a liquor prostitute through college ;)

  20. Very impressed with your computer skills...and a bit jealous. And I agree with the kitchen being fun and filled with characters though my only experience was on work crew at camp. Still use the technique to core a head of iceberg that I learned there. too funny.

  21. Ha ha ha Your list sounds so much more interesting than you think :) And I would love to tell people where to go!

  22. Clarinda, there were nights I needed to shower after my shift to rid myself of the sheen left behind by the leering men.

    Many, many stories, Natalie! :)

    Jacqui, it was awful. I never want to bother people that way again!! Yes, my current employer is the best!

    Ha ha. Thanks Jen! I despise computers much of the time, but I generally can bend them to my will!

    Thanks Stasha - if the conditions were right, that would be my job now - counsellor. loved it!

    Jackie, it is great to have the perspective, having served people. I tip really well! :)

  23. LOL-Deborah. So true. Working a job where the customer is always right definitely prepares you for motherhood!

    Bridget, it's the job that has it all!

    LOL - Thanks Paul!

    Great training isn't it, Barbara? Totally demeaning at times - makes me appreciate the people in the service industry SO much!

    Jamie - coring a head of iceberg by smashing it on a table? I learned a great many skills in restaurant kitchens!

    Thanks Audrey. :D