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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Resolutions: What I should do,
and what I actually will do.

I'm back! I had a nice break with the family - punctuated by two flus and a cold. I took a break from my personal blog, but there was still LOTS going on at the book club.
If you're looking for e-books to load up that e-reader, iPhone or tablet you acquired over the holidays, visit Cookie's Book Club (the list of giveaways is at the top of the right sidebar). Some interesting guest posts too from some of my favourite 2011 independent authors!
I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are slowly acclimatizing yourselves to the new year. Happy 2012!

I can't tell you how happy I am to usher in a new year. In our house we dubbed 2011 'The Year of the Cold'. We had a minimum of twelve colds and flus last year (I lost track towards the end). In fact, 2011 went out with one final hurrah, as our tiny human woke up early on December 31st with the flu. Suddenly, today, January 1st of a brand new year, he is miraculously well. I've spent the morning feeling grateful and hopeful while at the same time crossing all of my digits and knocking on everything made of wood.

I have faith. This year is going to be a good year!

Of course, rather than leaving it all up to fate, I plan to do a few things differently this year. Call them New Year's resolutions. Call them lifestyle changes already in the works. Call them what you will. To me they are near necessities. Choosing NOT to make these changes is choosing an unhealthy, unbalanced life - not an option!

Here then, are my New Year's resolutions (the ones I plan to keep, that is - stay tuned for some shoulds that I intend to completely ignore):
Exercise daily. Clearly I am not off to the best start today, having spent most of it in front of the computer, but there's still time. Maybe later I'll head outside for a walk - it's a lovely day. There's always the Wii, the Insanity workouts my sister-in-law gave me (Lord, help me), the gym, and if all else fails I could always clean the house... BAAAAAAHAHAHAHA.

Work more efficiently. Not entirely sure yet how I will accomplish this, but it will probably involve some sort of planning, perhaps pie charts and an easel. In 2011 I became a blogger. Since there is no twelve-step program to help me quit this new habit, I'm going to have to find ways to be more efficient about doing it. It's just taking up too much time... yet, I love it.

Eat well. For now, this means avoiding a whole host of foods until I figure out what nourishes and what depletes. I've been at this for close to three months now, and it has definitely helped. I made it through Christmas - no cheats! Okay, there may have been a glass of wine... or three over the holidays, but there were no other cheats. Totally doable.

Say 'no' more often. I'm also attempting to approach life, each day, each choice in a different way this year by asking the question, What builds me up and what depletes me? I have a tendency to take on too much. This year, I'll take on less so that I can focus on and enjoy the things I choose to do more fully. I had an interesting conversation with a university friend yesterday. She quoted someone who said, "When you say 'no' to something, you're saying 'yes' to something else." I LOVE that!
And now for something completely different (2012 points to whoever knows where that reference comes from). Scratch that - I can't imagine anyone NOT knowing that reference. Minus 2012 points to whoever doesn't know it, and click here this instant!

It's Monday Listicles time! If you haven't already jumped on the Monday Listicles bandwagon, what are you waiting for? It's a new year! Come join the fun with @NorthWestMommy and a whole gaggle of fun-loving bloggers.

This week's topic, carefully selected by A Mountain Momma, who graciously appeared on Cookie's Chronicles last year (See Come From Away Momma), is New Year Resolutions that we WILL NOT KEEP, but feel like we should add to our lists anyways.

This should be a breeze. Life is full of 'shoulds'.

1. I should probably think about cleaning up my office. It would not surprise me to find fossilized remains in there. For quite some time, probably commencing with Jack's birth, it's become a dumping ground for papers and other assorted items carefully teetered on top of one pile or another in the hopes that someday there will be time to deal with them. I don't actually work in the office anymore since I no longer have a desk to write on or a chair to sit on. Happily, if I close the door, I don't even know it's there. Problem solved! Next?

2. I should get at the growing pile of clothes that need mending. I put them next to the couch that points at the TV thinking there was a better chance of them getting fixed that way. Note how I speak about the task - "getting fixed" - as if it will happen with out my involvement. That's really what I'm hoping for. They're tucked away in a pretty basket with a lid. Like the clutter in the office, they're easier to ignore than way.

3. I should finish at least some of the knitting projects I started. If you've been around here a while and are a fan of knitting you'll recall that I got back into it a bit last year, enough to knit some gauntlets, a Kindle cozy and slippers for the family. It may now be time to tackle some of the bigger projects. Then again, if I put a door on the bookshelf they are all jammed into, I can ignore them too!

4. I should do a better job of cleaning my house. Snort - I can't even keep a straight face when typing that. One thing I will not say on my death bed is, "How I wish I had spent more time cleaning!"

5. I should stop buying stuff. Really, I should. I have enough stuff. Have you ever watched The Story of Stuff? As much as I love stuff, I don't love that I contribute to waste and pollution as much as I do simply by buying it. I should stop buying stuff. But what I will do is try to buy less stuff. I'll also continue to recycle and freecycle the stuff I have. Good enough?

6. I should stop complaining altogether. Life is good. Particularly if I compare my life to the lives of others. I'm not overly oppressed by my society, I'm not facing a potential tsunami. I have a pretty decent level of comfort and security. Of course, there are always things to complain about, aren't there? I'll try to complain less, at least outwardly (my journal may get an extra workout).

7. I should watch less TV. I don't think I need to say much about this one. I'll let my overflowing PVR speak for itself.

8. I should pay more attention to the cat. Ever since Jack, poor kitty has fallen down a rung on the ladder of importance. I'm not saying it's right. I'm not saying it's fair. It just is. Sorry kitty. Mommy will try to spend more time with you. In case that doesn't work out for you, just go ahead and continue to sit on my hands while I type.

9. I should clean out my car. Have you seen the back of my car? It's chaos and mayhem. But really, seconds after I clean it, it will be dirtied again, so... no, I don't think so. This can wait until my son is old enough to clean up the mess himself.

10. I should abolish the word 'should' from my inner dictionary. That would mean abolishing 'guilt' along with it. Fabulous idea. Impossible to execute. I shall endeavour to at least recognize the shoulds and kick them in the junk where possible.

I'm also linking up today with Just. Be. Enough. because isn't that what letting go of shoulds is all about? How will you choose to just be enough this year?

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and Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop,
'cause she wants to know my New Year's resolutions!
(Of course, she may just be saying that to be nice.)

Mamas Losin It

Thank-you to all of my followers and fans for reading my blogs in 2011, for putting up with my tweets and Facebook/Google+ updates, and especially for your comments, your tweetbacks and your support!

All the best in 2012!

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  1. Happy New Year, Sue! I'm totally impressed you got through Christmas with no cheats. Seriously, that's will-power!

    Love your list of plans, and equally love your list of shoulds-but-won't. I have a lot of those too, and I love acknowledging them and then brushing them away. How freeing. :)

  2. Cleaning is so overrated. I have so many bunnies enjoying my home since I decided vacuuming is a waste of time.
    Great list my friend. You real list I know you will do it. You have amazing will power and I admire you for that! Go you in 2012! (see if it was 2002, that would rhyme.) I must go watch some MP now, I feel the urge for some unknown reason...

  3. I think the dust bunnies at my house would so upset if I really cleaned!

  4. That's some list! And on the cat front - I've got two, and boy did they move down the food chain once the kids came. They are like little sacks of guilt on four legs, staring at me and wanting more. (-: I know how you feel.
    PS: Cleaning is way over-rated.

  5. I'm curious to know what kind of fossilized remains I'd be able to find in your office ;) All the best in what you should do this year. Happy 2012 Sue! :0

  6. Great list. I love the list of your resolutions that you will keep. Our "shoulds" are pretty similar! ;)

  7. I prefer to think of it as building up my immune response rather than not cleaning LOL
    Have an awesome 2012

  8. I read somewhere that having a dirty car means you are really smart. Rock on sista and Happy New Year!

  9. I always say I should clean more, but then the kids distract me by playing or reading to them. And I'd much rather do that!

  10. We have a lot of the same "shoulds" and I'm thrilled to be unburdened by them now! I'm excited to read more of you in the coming year.

    Happy New Year!

  11. I FINALLY just cleaned out my office and my office closet (the absolute worst of the two!) during my blog-batical this December. It feels GREAT! I highly recommend following through on that "Should do" from your list :) - It's bound to lead to better productivity... right???

    Happy New Years!

  12. Great list. I especially love the part about kicking "shoulds" to the curb. I plan on doing that too.

  13. Happy New Year, Sue!! So glad we've connected :)

  14. Ha ha ha! I love your should list #5! Buying stuff is just so much fun!
    And I need to learn how to say No more too! If you figure out a way let me know the secret :)

  15. Happy New Year! I'm glad you're back! Please share any pie chart and easel tips you come across.

    Insanity is insane! Couldn't you tell that from the name? I've been doing Zumba on the Wii when it's cold outside and am actually enjoying it. The time goes by really quickly.

  16. Happy New Year! Great list! I most definitely think my car needs some TLC, it's just full of stuff!

  17. Happy New Year!

    Love your list. Especially the "work more efficiently" on the blog item!

    If you figure that out, would you share???? ;)

  18. Thanks Robin! Willpower is definitely starting to wane!

    Stasha, I knew you'd understand, my younger sister from another mother!

    JDaniel4's Mom, that's a good way of looking at it. Hadn't considered that!

    Sacks of guilt on four legs. Hee hee. Ado, you have such a way with words!

    G, it's best not to go there! :p Happy 2012 to you too!

    Thanks Barbara. Down with shoulds!

    Oooh. Theresa, I like that! And will use it frequently!!

    Priorities, right Kimberly? Those are the kind of distractions you will never regret!

    Thank-you Miss Marina Star! :) Happy New Year to you too!

    Kate, I think *I* need a blog-batical! That's what it would take.

    Amanda, you have the training too! :)

    I'm glad we connected too Jen. Happy New Year!

    Audrey, thanks. I think the secret is to have your preschooler dunk your wallet in the toilet so that you have no currency with which to buy stuff. :P LOL

  19. Thanks Jacqui. I've considered Zumba, but I'm pretty uncoordinated. Not sure I could handle the pointing and mocking.

    Thanks Sara. It's good to know I'm not alone in my car chaos!

    Kimberly, thanks! Absolutely, I will share if I ever figure that out. (I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.) :)

  20. Paul, your reply was snagged by the SPAM bots, but I set it free. I like your attitude! Happy 2012 to you as well! :)

  21. Exercising is definitely something I plan on continuing this year. Cleaning....not so much.

    Happy New Year!

  22. Cleaning IS overrated! I agree with Stasha :) I'm so happy everyone in your house is healthy again.

    Glad to have you back in the bloggy world. Missed ya.

  23. I think "I should" start and I Should... list too! Or....I should just print yours out and use that. No? Well, except for the cat one cuz I don't have one. =p

  24. All four of your actual resolutions are ones I need to do! We're focusing on eating healthier for the beginning of the year. My plan is to try to do something each month, rather than saying I'm going to start (or stop) doing something forever and knowing I won't follow through.

    And I definitely SHOULD clean out my horribly messy car. But I know I won't :)

  25. What a fun post!

    Me, I always waver between do more cleaning and stop worrying about cleaning. Do you think if I let the dust buffalo go long enough, they'll learn how to walk out by themselves?

  26. You are off to a brilliant start it would seem...you accomplished a lot in this post! I hear you in getting more organized and I am pretty much cutting the word should out of my vocab as it tends to overwhelm me, even in it's simplicity. Looking forward to visiting your blog more frequently in 2012. I just started min in 2011 too, so trying to figure out how to keep my new love alive and do everything else too!

  27. Jackie, I suppose cleaning would count as exercise if I didn't drag my butt around whining and complaining about it the whole time. Not a fan. :P Happy New Year to you as well!

    Thanks Bruna! It's good to be back! Happy New Year!

    LOL-Janice - by all means use this list if it helps!

    Katie, that's a really good attitude, taking it one month at a time.

    Patricia, I think you should give it a try and see if they do... in the name of scientific discovery! :)

    Shannon, thanks for your kinds words. I'm heading over to visit you shortly. Best of luck with your blog in 2012 too!!

  28. I don't know if I've already told you this but: I love the "say NO more often" rule.
    Thanks for the reminder. (-:

  29. OH Lord Sue I hope you are all well this whole year!!

  30. It has taken me a few years to warm up to it, Ado, but I now love that rule too! Mama has little to give others, if she never makes time for herself!

    Thank-you Leighann. If we are sick even half as often as last year, I will consider myself blessed!

  31. There are always so many shoulds on our lists.

  32. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Life is too short to do too much cleaning. As long as you're not rolling in filth, hey, that'd do!

    Happy 2012, Sue!

  33. I think 2012 will be a great year for you! And yes my dogs have definitely been ignored since my little one arrived!

  34. Saying no...that's key. "No" is the word that makes space for...everything else. But in terms of "should?" Hmm...should seems to me to be the tricky word...it's the word that can turn us into failures (or maybe it's just me): it's the word that haunts me at 4AM. But your list is great, all the same. Happy new year!

  35. I have many of the same shoulds. I don't even like to think of all those shoulds!

  36. I am afraid of my should list. I might get lost in it! :)

  37. So true, Jessica. I need me a 'should' shield!

    Thanks Alison! Really, the house is pretty clean. The clutter though... is a bit of an issue! Happy New Year to you too!

    Thank-you, Natalie!!! Poor pets! I hope they know that we still love them to pieces!

    Thanks Deborah. Yes, it's the shoulds that keep me awake in the wee hours too. This is why I journal!

    Jenny, we should just pretend there are no shoulds!

  38. Elena, it was really kind of empowering to write them all (okay, a subset) down and mock them. :)

  39. So has no one said that "And now for something completely different" is from Monty Python yet? I just scanned through the comments, but I didn't see it. So do I get the bonus points? ;)

    Here hoping you have a healthy, happy 2012! Stopping by from The Mom Pledge blog hop. Thanks for participating!

  40. OK, no idea why my comment posted three times. I don't see how to delete the repeats. Maybe you can. And, if you visit my personal blog, you'll find the Monty Python phrase there:


    Look at the tabs across the top. ;)

  41. OK, I "should" be doing so many things the list would be more vexing to write than the realization of how much I should be doing. I'm w/you, just remove the word altogether.

  42. This is a jam-packed post! Right now, I SHOULD put this bag of potato chips down and eat something healthy. Will I? Who knows!

  43. Elizabeth, you're the first to guess the phrase correctly. Congratulations! I have no idea what your 2012 points are good for, but I hope you enjoy them! :)

    I deleted the extra entries.

    I took a look at your blog. I love that you have A WHOLE TAB dedicated to that quote!

  44. Arnebya, that probably is the way to go. Although, I'll probably just end up saying 'ought' instead.

    Just Jennifer, you are too funny. Enjoy your potato chips!

  45. Loved your New Year "intentions"! Don't we all intend to be perfect? But who can do it? Better off just being the best "me" I can be. Hope 2012 is as wonderful as you envision!

    Mauntie fromVB