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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

KOOB The Viking Game

My family recently tried out a new game - an old game made new again - called KOOB The Viking Game.

The aim of the game is to conquer the King. The team that knocks over all the KOOBs (soldiers) on the opponent’s side of the field and then knocks over the King wins. There are additional 'expert' KOOB rules, but we didn't get so far as to try them out.

KOOB can be played on any level grass, sand, snow or cement area. The official size of the field is 16 x 26 feet but it can be made bigger or smaller depending on how much space you have and how hard you want to make the game.

Here are the on camera people playing KOOB.

I played it too, but there are, alas, no photos to prove it. There are also no photos to prove that I won (one out of three games). We played on one of the last days before the snow flew, on very long grass in the park behind my house. It was very windy that day. The KOOBs pretty much stayed in place despite the long grass and the wind.

Hubby and I had fun trying to outdo each other.

Jack got in on the fun too, but he played by slightly different rules than his dad and I did. The game is advertised as being for kids ages 5 and up. Jack is just four and I can see why his age group is not included, though he did have fun with his variations.

Jack: "I'll just get a little closer... A little closer... And just a little closer." - with a sly look over his shoulder at me, repeated until almost on top of the KOOB he was aiming for. Too cute!

The company sent me this product to evaluate, and, while I normally don't do the PR thing I made an exception because:
a) it is a Canadian made product,
b) it is all natural, made of unpainted wood, and
c) it encourages play, and especially outdoor play.
Disclosure: I have decided against signing up for KOOB's affiliate program for the time being - mainly because I don't have the time to be involved right now - so you know that I am not in anyway invested in whether or not you buy this product. If, after my review, you think you'd have fun playing KOOB, you can follow the link at the bottom of the review to buy your own. I earn no affiliate fees for any purchase you might make.

First Impressions

I liked the packaging as it was minimal and recyclable. The box seemed heavy, but carrying the game pieces to our playing field in the supplied muslin bag was no biggie.

It occurred to me that someone could easily make their own game pieces with some spare lumber, doweling, a saw and sandpaper. Somebody could... but I never would get around to it.

Set up

The set up was relatively easy. We started with a full sized field and then scaled it back. Because you can alter the size of the playing field, the game can be as easy or as challenging as you like. A smaller field, about 12' by 20', was big enough for us beginners to learn the technique.

Game Play

I like that there are several ways to make the game easier or more challenging, by changing the size of the playing field or by following the 'expert' rules. By the third game, we were pros - alright, not pros, but we were gaining confidence and having fun!

Final Impressions

The pieces did get dirty. Since they are made of raw, unfinished wood, moisture and dirt can seep into the pores of the wood.

I feel that the price point, at $49.95, is a little high just given the simplicity of manufacturing the pieces and low cost of the materials. But there are sites managing to sell this product for as much as $75! (Avoid them.) The pieces could be made more interesting, with extra carving detail, and painted with non-toxic paints or stains (in natural colours, preferably) to protect the wood and enhance the look of the pieces.
UDPATE A representative of the company sent me this note in response to my concerns about the product price: "I can't help but comment on your remark about the price. I completely understand your first impression, but we looked into several ways of reducing costs and they all pointed offshore. We didn't want to go that route as we want to support the local economy and control quality (and safety). In fact, we even use local hardwood and all of the products are handmade in Canada. I hope that this gives a bit of background and explains why the price is not a low as the standard Toys R Us fare."
All in all, it was a fun game that we will play again. Hubby and I both agreed that it would be more fun with more people. (KOOB can be played with 2-12 players.) We could picture it being a lot of fun at an outdoor party, and that the adults would probably get quite competitive about it.

We haven't tried playing it in the snow or on ice yet. I'll update you if we do. I'm thinking New Year's Eve at the skating rink and thermoses of hot chocolate!

Here's a video describing the game and how to play.

To buy KOOB visit www.playkoob.com

Stay tuned for a KOOB giveaway in the spring.

What do you think of this game? 
Can you see your friends and family playing it?


  1. Interesting...I've never heard of this game, but I know any outdoor game with mommy and daddy, my girls would LOVE! Thanks for sharing...


  2. looks fun and cold! Congrats on being the vB featured member

  3. Interesting...it does look fun, and those outdoor games with big numbers are great for bringing everyone together. Plus, you don't have to be a super athlete. Thanks for the review!

  4. Anything tat can be played outside gets my vote! Specially something that looks like fun!! Great review.

  5. Rosann, I had never heard of it either. My little guy didn't want to stop playing it!

    Sarita, it was definitely cold, but not as cold as it's gonna be! :) Thanks for your kind note!

    MLC ladies, that's what I liked about it - that I don't need any special skill set - sort of like horseshoes.

    Thanks Stasha! I liked that it can be played outdoors also - sometimes we need an excuse to get outside and it does the body good!