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Thursday, January 05, 2012

2012: One Word

I first learned about the concept of adopting one word to focus on each year when Lisa of Shwartz Chronicles spoke about it. I love her 2011 word, "Move". Something I definitely need to do more of.

I was reminded of the one-word concept again earlier this week by Amanda of Lilahbility (have you chosen your word yet, Amanda?), and again today by Robin of Farewell Stranger who is also looking to adopt one word for 2012.

Last fall, I bought a few painted stones that spoke to me. Each one contained a word that I want to focus on.

I pondered them this morning and selected one.

Can you guess which one?

Here it is:

Why did I choose it? The others are just as important, but I'm making some progress with those. In my life now, there are many challenges. What I need most is to allow myself to rejoice in the fun and the joyful, and to recognize my accomplishments. Too often, I gloss over those things, not taking the time to celebrate them.


I have decided something else too. I am not meant to be a hand model, and I need to moisturize more often.

Have you chosen one word to focus on this year? 
What does that word mean to you?


  1. My husband, kids and I have been doing this one word for the year thing for what seems like forever. My husband always made these resolutions, which we actually did pretty well achieving throughout the year.

    He still makes them.

    But I brought him into a practice that my father taught me as a little girl -- focus on one all-encompassing thing that will help you achieve your goals and resolutions. We always chose one word or phrase together when I was growing up and shared it with my mom and siblings.

    It's funny that you chose "rejoice" because as we were coming up with our 'area of focus' as a family -- Dragonslayer and I chose rejoice and the kids all chose celebrate! They're essentially the same. Our family is not always on the same page in that way, but the grace of Our Lord has made us so closely-knit that I think we grow more in line and in tune with one another daily.

    What a great post. I love it. You made me smile and REJOICE! I'm glad other people are doing this as well. For those who still make the lists, the one word or phrase can help you achieve those goals.

  2. This? Is beautiful! I love it. I laughed at the hand model part ;)

    My word would have to be "simplify". I'm trying hard not to focus on the "things" in life. It makes life much more enjoyable :)
    Good luck rejoicing in the dailies!

  3. WOW Samantha. What a coincidence! I love the word REJOICE. I don't do it nearly enough. I have many blessings, but the challenges always seem to get all the attention. I have a long way to go wrt to this word - a very good one for me to focus on this year. Good luck to you and yours! Maybe we can find ways to remind each other of our one word!

  4. Jen, thank-you. :) I love your word too. SIMPLIFY I'm trying to do more of that myself - clearing the clutter, both figurative and literal!

  5. Mmmmmm I'll be thinking on one now.


  6. I need a word too. No idea, will ponder...
    Love yours. And the photo of your hand!

  7. What a great word! I need to find one for me as well. A great way to start out the year!

  8. I'm not a hand model either. Dry skin is a problem here too.

    I love your word. I can totally understand why you chose it. We often dwell on what we want to change or make better without being happy for all the good we've done and accomplished.

    Love it.

  9. I love this idea, and that word is a GREAT one!

  10. Thanks for the shout out on your blog.
    My word this year is CHOOSE.
    I am hoping to write a blog about it tonight. I like your word Rejoice. It is a good word to travel with throughout the year.

  11. My one word is patience. I really need to focus on that this year. A lot!
    I like rejoice. I'm guilty of the same thing - glossing over a fun or happy moment to move on to the next thing.
    Wishing you many many opportunities to rejoice in 2012!

  12. Mama N, Stasha and Natalie, let me know what you end up going with!

    Bruna thanks! And slightly off topic, I am starting to use coconut oil to moisturize my hands! :)

    MMN, thanks!

    Lisa CHOOSE is a great word also. We are the captains of our destiny, no?

    Jennifer I hear that! I could definitely use a little more PATIENCE!

  13. You were so funny about the hand model part! I think those are great words to focus on. I'd choose "smile" for myself because I need to be smiling more. It will definitely help me and others feel happier :)

  14. Great word! Laughing about the hand model comment. ;)

    I really like the idea of a rock too. Shall have to do one for my word.

  15. Thanks G! "Smile" is a great word. The world does seem to become a brighter place the more we smile. I guess you get back what you give.

    Robin, thanks. Love your word too - "vibrant". What a world it would be if we all lived that word!

  16. Love this word.
    It can mean so many different things.
    So many things to rejoice for!!
    Great choice.

  17. I'm still working on figuring out my word. Thought I might get some clarity while on my cruise, but somehow I completely avoided thinking about it! ;)

  18. Thanks Leighann. It's true - many things to rejoice about!!

    Amanda, I can understand that! ;) I shall be waiting on the edge of my seat! Ooh - ANTICIPATION. Another good word!