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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Blog on Fire Awards:
And the awards go to...

Mandi of Smile and Mama with Me just awarded me the Blog on Fire award! How cool is that? No, you're right, it's not cool at all. It's HOT! Just look at it. It's got flames! Flames!!!

I am flattered to be selected. Thanks Mandi! I'll do my best to live up to the honour.

As a recipient of the award I must tell you 7 things about myself and finally pass on the award to 10 other deserving bloggers. 

Check out my posts for The Stylish Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award for some interesting tidbits about me and some links to other fabulous bloggers.

I'm starting to feel like the well is running dry and I'm not sure what else there is to say about me, so this time I asked some friends for inspiration.  

Thanks to MamaRobinJ, CoolBeanMommas, DonutsMama, MamaWantsThis, MultitaskMumma and the one and only 'hubby' for the ideas and questions that inspired these 7 things about me:

1. Inspired by Rach of Life With Baby Donut: What is it that you love about knitting and gardening? There's something peaceful about these pursuits. The analytical part of the brain - the worrying part of the brain - turns off and focuses gently on a single task. It's very zen like... yet I am accomplishing something tangible. For someone like me who has a hard time with things like meditation (though I'm trying), peaceful activity is just the ticket!

2. Inspired by Alison of Mama Wants This: What are your biggest pet peeves? This could be an entire post... but... I'll share a few for now.
  • People who walk through a door that I was holding open for my small child, thus positioning themselves between my small child and I, practically running us both over in the process. Can you say 'oblivious'?
  • People who step in front of my moving stroller causing me to stop suddenly, jamming the stroller handle into my abdomen, rather than run them over. You're welcome! Have a nice day!
  • People who drive 25km (that's 15 miles) under the speed limit. This typically co-occurs with a low-seated posture requiring an intense craning of the neck over the steering wheel. I suppose I would drive that slow too if I had absolutely no peripheral view.
Hmm... I'm sensing a traffic-related theme here.

3. A question from Robin of Farewell Stranger: How many places have you lived? Well, let's see: Born in London, grew up in Brampton and Ottawa, university (the first time) in Halifax, bought my own place in Mississauga, and then moved here to Calgary. That's... six! That's different from the number of times I have moved which is... just doing the math... 11 times! Yeesh. That's probably enough for a lifetime, but chances are I'm not done yet.

4. A question from Rachel of Cool Bean Mommas: Tell us about a funny labour incident! Well, the whole labour experience is sort of funny to me. I spent the whole eve of the day that Jack was born cleaning curtains, covers on bolster pillows, dusting the tops of very high things - you know... nesting. Only I didn't acknowledge that it was nesting, because Jack wasn't due for another three weeks. I put towels in the bed and the car in case my water broke while I was being perfectly still (???). Well, my water broke that very night ...over the toilet. Convenient, no? We arrived at the hospital, carefully packed bag in hand, breathing lessons under our belts. My contractions were 2 minutes apart almost instantly and Jack was born about 4 hours later. There was no time to breathe. There was only time to hold on (to hubby, of course) for dear life. The only thing I needed from that damn bag that I didn't have was a hair elastic (labour is one sweaty endeavour)! I'm still shocked to this day that I didn't swear... not even once (those that know me well know what a truly remarkable thing this is).

5. Inspired by my husband: Maybe you could talk about how your mom was a Girl Guide leader, so you learned to always be prepared. Yes, that's why I am often annoyingly ready for any eventuality and why I pack only as lightly as is absolutely necessary. I can carry everything I need for an outing in the tiniest of purses... but I'd rather not. Or you could talk about how your mom was an English major who always corrected you when you spoke, so you turned into a grammar Nazi. It's true. I am incapable of reading something without correcting the grammar at the same time.  I guess what my husband is saying is that two of my best skills - which are also two of my strongest neuroses - are my mom's doing. Thanks mom... I think.

6. A question from Leighann of Multitasking Mumma: Would you ever move tomorrow without your belongings for $10,000,000? Oh, yes, most definitely! Can I take my pictures? No? (I suppose I could get around that by uploading them all to Flickr.) There's something about starting over that is very appealing. We all get attached to our stuff. Stuff can be replaced (especially if I now have 10,000,000 bones)! Plus stuff can be a burden. Stuff needs to be taken care of it. It would be nice to let it all go... at least for a little while. Man, what I could do with $10,000,000!

7. And one more question from Robin of Farewell Stranger: What's your dream holiday? This is pretty easy - well... easy to describe - not so easy to execute. First of all, my dream holiday is LOOOONG - at least a month. It involves plenty of warm (not too hot) weather and sunshine, opportunities to hike and bike and explore the countryside, opportunities to meet the locals and share in their customs, great local food and drink, plenty of opportunity to rest, read and write, and regular massages. Ideally I will not have to cook or clean at all, and, while I'm dreaming, Oprah will have a few of her favourite things waiting for me at the hotel when I arrive. I should stop there. Really, I should have stopped at massages, but I think it's important to dream BIG!

And now to pass the torch to 10 of my deserving blog-mates. These ladies' blogs are smokin' hot! Drop by and show them some comment love!

1. Stasha of The Good Life - Stasha takes really wonderful photos. Check out her 365 project. She also hosts Monday Listicles, which has inspired a number of my own posts.

2. Galit of These Little Waves - Galit's blog is just so beautiful. It's the Mercedes to my Chevrolet. Galit is a mom, a writer, and a supportive friend to her fellow bloggers.

3. Amanda of Lilahbility - Amanda's blog is full of photos of her little angel, Lilah. I challenge you to find a cuter kid than Lilah (other than mine, of course).

4. Barbara of Footprints in the Sand - Barbara is so supportive of my little blog! She has a lovely family and lives in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

5. Jen of Runner Mom - Jen is an inspiration to me. She lives a healthy and environmentally conscious life. Her posts are honest and highly entertaining.

6. Kimberly of Zook Book Nook - She's a writer-mama who writes about the link between writing and motherhood, and shares tips for staying fresh in the blogging world.

7. Carla of Mrs. No-No Knows - Mrs. No-No is your new best friend! Don't know what to make for dinner this week? Check out her weekly meal plans and recipes for ideas.

8. Britt of Changing Diapers and Taking Names - Britt is your host for the Momday Monday Twitter hop and Wine Down Wednesday Blog Hop. She also shares some fabulous recipes with readers.

9. Theresa of A Mountain Momma - Theresa is a mom of two, just trying to make it all work. We can relate! She's not afraid to voice her opinion and stand up for what she believes in. Love that!

10. Hillary of Superhero Princess - Hillary is a teacher and mom who has great insights into the workings of the school-aged mind. She's believes in helping kids to develop social, communication and relationship skills. She's a real life hero.


  1. Congratulations! I always knew you were on fire!

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you! I'd like to thank the academy, my mother... oh and Sue and all my fans...

    Thanks for the award Sue, love it!

  3. Congratulations, Sue! Great post (hillarious :D)


  4. You are so sweet! I'm truly humbled to be in such great company! By the way, I love that you are a grammar Nazi! I'm a spelling Nazi ;)

  5. Oh you such a sweetheart! Thank you so vert much! I' honored. Truly. :)

  6. Thank-you Donna and Alex!

    Theresa, Jen and Galit, it is my pleasure! Blog on!

  7. I'm a grammar and spelling nazi! And you've certainly lived in a lot of places!

  8. You are so sweet! I'm in such amazing company! Thank you so much!

  9. Awesome 7 things! The well has not run dry...and I've actually done #6. Not just once, but thrice! Uhh except there was no $10 million, just another great opportunity for business, freedom and adventure. And this happened after we had children =)

  10. Kim and Jen, the internal grammar/spell-check is handy... but it's a bit of a burden too.

    Barbara, you are very welcome!

    Rachel, you are essentially living my dream vacation, aren't you? I've been checking my mail box every day for that plane ticket. ;)

  11. you know how easily things get lost in the mail with the Post Office being so unreliable these days...uhhh but let me know if it shows up 0:)

  12. I am a grammar queen too! Or I used to be until I came down with mom brain. Congrats on your award and maybe one day you will get your month long vacay!

  13. These are some fabulous questions! Apart from seconding your answer re: #1, I'd also have to comment that labor was much different than expected. I swore only once ("Scheisse!"), but otherwise was extremely collected when I wasn't trying to resist the urge to epidural. I did finally give in on that point at 17 hours with Li'l D still rotated the wrong way 'round and creating increasingly painful pressure through my lower back, but I felt so safe and guided through the process, both by the nurses and Ba.D., that there wasn't much room for screaming or swearing. I did tell one nurse without swearing that she needed to stop telling me to work harder or I was going to break her face, and I also told Ba.D. to please stop talking (a request he graciously heeded) . . . but I suppose you could say those were the only non-meeting-my-baby highlights of labor!

  14. That's a crazy labor story! I was majorly nesting too the week Donut was born and she was also a couple weeks early. Funny how our bodies just know!

  15. Rachel, that must be it!

    Natalie, I hear you on the mommy brain point. Funny that I can edit others' work, but now find so many errors in my own writing after the fact.

    Deb, that is a pretty funny story. Funny now that you're on the other side of it anyway. These stories always amaze me - what our bodies and minds go through to bring a child into the world. Totally worth it, of course.

    Rach, I still find that so very interesting. A powerful reminder to trust our bodies and our intuition!