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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Life's Lessons: The First Edition

I have been feeling especially uninspired - tired, but also just enjoying the great outdoors with my son a whole lot and not really feeling like doing anything productive. I've experienced several Scarlett O'Hara moments this week: "I'll think about that tomorow!" It's partly the heat and partly the realization that summer is short and I want to be outside soaking up as much of it as I can!

Then one of my favourite blogging moms, Rach at Life with Baby Donut, decided to host a link up along with Sara at Life's Recipe, and I was once again inspired.

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What I learned this week:

1. I learned (or was reminded of the fact that) a massage is like a little slice of heaven and always helps me sleep like a baby (one of those babies that sleeps for 6 hours overnight as soon as they come home from the hospital, not one of those babies - like mine - who sleep for only one hour at a time for five months).

2. I learned that story time at the zoo starts at 11:00 not 11:30 and is at the north end of the zoo, not the south end. Oops! Sorry M! Mama needed a nap that day.

3. I learned that my son can easily survive a 3 hour camp, and even enjoy himself... the whole time. Crisis averted!

4. I learned that if you eat before a late evening get together with friends, none of them will have eaten yet and vice versa. 

5. I learned that I can bike for hours and hours and still not really want to stop. What's that about?

6. I learned that hanging out with friends while the kids play on the playground equipment and someone feeds you hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, water and juice is not half bad!

7. Oh, and I learned that I have the kind of boobs (can I say "boobs" on the interweb?) that really hurt when they get squished in a mammogram machine. Happy news though - negative mammograms-2, cancer-0! Woot!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Well that's a lot of learning, I'd say! Yeah on cancer free! Keep learning and enjoy your summer!


  2. I so need a massage! Donut sounds like your son regarding sleep at the moment. Good for you for spening time outdoors. I love bike rides, but its way too hot here to go riding!

  3. Pamela, thanks! I definitely will.

    Rach, thanks for the prompt. It was fun to reflect in this way. Sorry to hear you have had to deal with no-sleep issues! Hope that has improved??

    Sadie, thanks so much!

  4. Look at how these linkies are hooking us up! You just stopped by my blog (Just Jennifer) and now I'm here AND I discovered you also have a book blog. Yay! So I will be following both!

  5. Yay, indeed! Thanks Just Jennifer! :)

  6. I love bike rides and can go forever too! And yay for negative mammograms!

  7. Congrats on the negative mammogram! And I agree 100000% massages are like a piece of heaven!

  8. You know what would be really fantastic? A bike ride *followed* by a massage. Ahhhhh!

    Thanks for visiting, Kimberly and Barbara!

  9. Wow, all that in one week???!!! :)

    Congrats on the clear mammogram. I haven't had one yet myself, but I imagine mine are going to hurt like a mother.

  10. #1 reminds me that I intended to schedule a massage--the first since Li'l D was born!--a month ago. Time to get crackin' on that!

  11. I thought mammograms hurt *all* boobs.

    P.S. I'm not sure you're allowed to say boobs on the Interwebs other than in captions for pictures of them ...

  12. Deb, it sounds like it's time! I try to book at least one per month. I hope you do get to go soon. An Epsom salt bath afterwards never hurts either... perhaps with a glass of wine... and some chocolate.

    Steve, apparently they hurt some boobs more than others. For example, I'm pretty sure Stephen Harper would not feel a thing.

  13. Thanks Amanda! Hopefully, when you go it won't hurt too much, and honestly, if it hurts, it hurts for seconds only. Nothing like having a baby! :-)

  14. So not looking forward to mammograms. I do the Scarlett thing a lot too...a LOT :)

  15. I would love to sleep like a baby, the first kind. I think I am long overdue for a massage!

  16. Jen, you have to love Scarlett! She's just so oblivious!

    GGM, I hope you get a chance to treat yourself to a massage very soon! :)

  17. You learned many great things this week. I wish I could get a massage and sleep great after that. I have many times I get the time wrong for an activity and we are late or way to early. Oops.

  18. Glad to hear I am not alone, Jessica. I really didn't expect 'mommy brain' to last this long. Sigh.

  19. Yes!...same here on the mammogram. Shoot, it's almost time for mine.
    Just stopping by to say hi,