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Monday, August 08, 2011

Guest blogger:
Kimberly of Mamas Monologues
"Fairy Tale Life"

My guest today is none other than the quirky and adorable Kimberly of Mama's Monologues. She's bold and brave and regularly puts herself out there for our enjoyment (just check out her vlog-rapping skills). She's also a kind and compassionate friend to her fellow mommy bloggers.


Kimberly lives in South Jersey, USA with her husband and three sons Matthew, Dylan and Kaleb. You can learn more about Kim by visiting her blog: About Kimberly

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Let's get to know Kimberly better:

My favourite word:
My favourite family outing:
A walk to the park or a trip to the shore.
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My favourite treat:
My homemade brownies.
My favourite pastime:
Playing softball when I was younger.
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Fairy Tale Life
by Kimberly of Mamas Monologues

Since I was a little girl I always had that dream. A perfect boyfriend. A perfect proposal. A perfect wedding. A perfect family. A perfect life.

It was my fairy tale. I would meet a man who would turn out to be my knight in shining armor. He would sweep me off my feet, treating me like a complete princess. He would devise the ultimate romantic proposal, leaving me in tears of complete happiness. I would wear that gorgeous ball gown, glide down the aisle and meet my prince at the altar. We would say our “I do’s” with all of our friends and family watching us, supporting us.

We would ride off into the sunset and begin our very own ‘happily ever after.’

Needless to say, it didn’t quite play out like that.

I went through high school where I struggled to find exactly where I fit. After graduation, when everyone else planned to go to college, I was planning on welcoming my first child into my life. As a single mom.

From there on out it was a bumpy road. The odds were against us from the start. Statistics were thrown in my face constantly showing me just how hard I was going to fall. Fail. And hinder the potential life that my child and I had.

But we stuck together. I wouldn’t let society push us down. When hurdles were thrown our way, I jumped higher in order to clear them.

A few years had passed and my dreams of my fairy tale wedding were slipping further and further out of my reach.

I was starting to lose hope, accepting that my dreams of finding that perfect man and starting that perfect life were just not possible. I resented this at first, completely angered that I wouldn’t have the chance to make my dreams come true. But over time, I started accepting it.

My son and I were happy, healthy, and loved by one another. Our life would be us, together, as a team.

And then one night, I decided, on a whim, to go out with a few friends.

And there he was. He approached me, making small talk at first. He spoke with a certain ease that made me feel relaxed with him. I was comfortable, and that was rare.

After that night we made plans to go to dinner. He laughed and was able to make me laugh. He was sweet, sincere, and caring. He was a gentleman, oozing politeness.

He had a certain way about him that made me know that I could trust him. He made me feel safe. Special. Loved.

We eased into a relationship since I was particularly cautious. But there was something about him that I knew was different.

He was The One. A perfect boyfriend.

One night we took a drive to the shore. We peacefully strolled down the boardwalk, hand in hand. We talked about life, our hopes, and our dreams. We were on the same path, with each other in our futures. We stopped at a gazebo and sat down on the bench. He nervously gave me the sweetest speech, showering me with love and adoration. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of his life with him as his wife.

A perfect proposal.

The following summer, I put on my perfect gown and glided down the aisle with ease, meeting the man of my dreams at the altar. Through tears, we exchanged vows and said our “I do’s” sealing it with the perfect kiss.

A perfect wedding.

We settled into our daily routine as husband and wife, welcoming three beautiful, healthy, happy children into our family. Our home is filled with love and laughter. Our adventures together are always fun. We support each other through thick and thin. Our nights are ended with hugs and kisses and “I love you’s.”

A perfect family.

We have bumps in our roads, but we pull through together, stronger. It wasn’t an easy path to get here, but our journey brought us together. We’re happy. We’re healthy. And we’re loved.

A perfect life.

My fairy tale life, come true.


  1. Oh Kim...wow, what a gorgeous story, even knowing it, reading it was so emotional for me and that picture, wow..what a gorgeous bride you were and what a beautiful family you have.

    it's stories like that this that I love hearing from you and the onest the make us believe in HAPPILY EVER AFTER. xo

  2. Kim, thanks for being my guest today. I agree with Kir, that picture of you with your husband is beautiful! It's a lovely story and I am so happy for you!

  3. You're beautiful, inside and out. I can read your story over and over and still want to cry happy tears for you and your perfect husband, children and family. You deserve it all. xo

  4. Oh I'm so glad you had your happily ever after even though you had to go through some obstacles to get there! What an amazing journey you have been on!

  5. I loved your beautiful story and that photo is gorgeous. What a perfect fairytale ending. I'm glad you found your prince. :)

  6. What a beautiful story, Kim. I took a similar path (unplanned pregnancy before college graduation) and looking back I know it was the best way for my journey to happen. It all reminds me of the Eleanor Roosevelt quote comparing a woman to teabag--you don't know how strong she is until you put her in hot water. Your husband fell in love with a strong, capable, fearless woman who had already figured out how to make her *new* fairytale. I'm so glad you got the original too.

  7. I love that from adversity you were able to find your version of a fairy tale life. That's so beautiful!

  8. Thank you for having me here today! I'm so honored and I really enjoyed writing this for you.

  9. @Kir - thank you, so much!

    @Alison - Thanks! Sometimes I want to cry just because of realizing how far I've come from before.

    @Natalie - It has been a journey, but it's not one that I would go back and change anything for. It got me here!

    @GrumpyGrateful - Thanks! That's one of my favorite pictures from that day!

  10. @Julie - I love that quote! It's so true. We don't know what we can handle until we're in it.

    @Megan - Thanks! It has been!

    @Jessica - Thanks! I did have to look at things differently.

  11. What I love about this is that your picture of "perfect" changed & morphed, and you are living a fairy tale filled with love and acceptance and happiness, even though it wasn't what you originally thought it would be :)

  12. Kim, I had goosebumps reading this and my eyes are a bit misty. You deserve this happiness. It's funny how our idea of perfect changes over the years. You had to endure some bumps along the way, but those are what made your life truly perfect.

  13. This is such a sweet post. I think I'm tearing up. I thought we agreed we wouldn't make each other cry? ;) I'm so happy that you powered through and have the life & family you now have.

  14. I think when we realize we don't need the Prince is when we find him. :)

  15. I too was a teen mom. Luckily--I had T and he was determined to be a part of our lives but it was a struggle...and still is. Your ups and downs really make you realize how lucky you are. You deserve nothing but the best.

  16. I was the girl who never wanted to get married and abhorred the thought of making that walk down the aisle. If I got married, it would be under the aurora borealis with exactly the number of witnesses legally required. (I obviously had a great grasp on how partnerships work!)

    Now I occasionally entertain the thought of marriage, due in large part to folks who bare their hearts so eloquently. I read this and thought, "Maybe I have this all wrong!" It was a delight to read about your happiness, which I hope endures ever after!

  17. @Angela - It certainly did morph, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

    @Rach - Thank you! Without traveling those bumps I wouldn't be who or where I am today. And I can't ever imagine that!

    @Elena - No more crying! Between you and I we'll be a puddle of sappy tears!

    @Julie - That's EXACTLY when we find him.

    @Jessica - Those ups and downs really do make you realize how lucky we are!

  18. Wonderful post! I got misty-eyed at your happily ever after - I'm glad you found it.

    Now I've got to go check out this rapping vlog!

    Smile and Mama With Me

  19. Ah, so sweet. I'm so glad you have such a happy family!

  20. congratulations, you deserved to have a perfect wedding, every girl's dream is to meet a perfect partner and you are blessed to have a dream come true.

  21. Oh, this was so sweet!! You look gorgeous in that picture! Great post...brought tears to my eyes!

  22. I love this post! I hope you stay just this happy forever.

  23. Love this story, Kimberly. Fairy tale endings really do come true...and you worked hard to get yours! So proud of you & your accomplishments as a teen mom & beyond!

  24. @Deb - I'm glad you liked it. At one point, I DID think marriage wasn't in the cards for me either, but things change!

    @Mandi - Glad you enjoyed it. Good luck with the rapping vlog! Don't judge me by that, okay?

    @Theresa - Thanks, they are pretty awesome!

    @racquel - Thanks, so much!

  25. @Jen - Thank you, I love that picture too!

    @Cyndy - I hope so too. Thank you!

    @Heather - Thanks so much. I'm pretty proud of what we've become too!

  26. I'm glad that your fairy tale came true. I can tell you that from what I know of Kurt and talking to him on Twitter he is a great husband for you.

  27. What a beautiful story. You're such a great writer. I'm so happy for you that your fairy tale life has come true despite the odds.

  28. I guess regardless of the circumstances, I am kind of glad to hear a positive outcome to a story involving young pregnancy. I think these kind of stories need to be told to make teenagers fully stronger and confident with whatever decision they further to pursue.

    It's kind of like birth labor, you only hear the horror stories and pain, and kind of scares someone to have a baby, but we need to hear the good stories too to help us balance our reasons behind our decisions.

    So glad to hear your story.

  29. Thanks for sharing such a great love story!
    Love your wedding pic.

  30. beautiful Kimberly!
    I'm so glad your fairy tale came true!

  31. Beautifully written, I am so happy for you and your family.

  32. Kimberly, this is so awesome, and it makes me doubly extra special happy for you.