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Monday, August 01, 2011

Guest Blogger:
Rachel of Cool Bean Mommas
"Relax, Just do it..."

The August Guest Blogger Extravaganza kicks off this week with one of my favourite blogging moms. I met Rachel of Cool Bean Mommas early on in my blogging life and we became fast friends. She's just so cute and fun, and her food posts inspire me to eat something other than toast!

Rachel is currently living in Quezon City in the Philippines with her husband of almost seven years and three kids ages twenty months, four, and six. 
"We originally lived in the US but have since traveled far and wide to find a cure for motherhood. We then discovered the “nanny” in the Philippines and life just gets better. We’ve now set up shop on this beautiful island and who knows, maybe we just might stay. You can read more about me and our crazy adventures at Cool Bean Mommas."
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Let’s get to know Rachel better:

First and foremost, I would like to thank Sue for giving me the honor of gracing her wonderful blog with my awkward presence =) She was one of my first blogger buddies I met while tweeting. I was interested in reading her blog because at first I thought it was about cookies, and it was. Her son Cookie. Ever since then, we’ve grown into a beautiful budding bond of bosom blogginess…whatever that means.

Favourite treat:
Brownie Fudge Sundae at Braums. Oh, how I miss thee.
Favourite family outing:
Anything that involves the water: beaches, water parks, hot springs, or even just a swimming pool. I, as well as my children, really love the water. I may have been a mermaid in another life…
Favourite book:
The Chronicles of Narnia. There’s so much symbolism and theology as well as fantasy and adventure in these stories, that it keeps you intrigued until the very end. Plus I love the story of the author. C.S. Lewis, who was once an atheist, tried to disprove the Bible as well as the existence of God. But while on his pursuit he actually found God and converted to Christianity. His faith and beliefs are intricately displayed in The Chronicles of Narnia. 
Favourite pastime:
Dancing. Anything from salsa to ballet, ball room to hip hop and everything in between. I also like to choreograph. My first paid choreography gig was when I was 12 years old for a University.
Favourite comfort food:
Does the whole buffet line at Golden Corral count?
Favourite of my posts:
Mommy Evolution. If you don't believe in evolution, you will after reading this.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Relax, just do it, when you want to get through it (the days of busy motherhood that is)
by Rachel of Cool Bean Mommas

As I often visit Cookie’s Chronicles I noticed Sue’s unacknowledged fondness for lists. Whether this is true or not, let’s just say it is for the sake of my illustration. Inspired by Cookie’s Chronicles’ recent post on Meditating Mama, I figured I would compile a list of ten ways to help women, especially Moms, relax. We do too much, ask for too little, and our beauty sleep has been reduced down to pimple-faced power naps and dark-circle snoozes. This is the ‘Relax, just do it, when you want to get through it (the days of busy motherhood that is)’ list. Yeah I might need to work on the title a bit, but without further ado…

1)            Breathe deeply. This signifies inhaling in all that is good and exhaling out all that is bad, such as: frustration with the kids, anger with the husband, discontent with yourself, burnt chicken in the oven, etc.

2)            Drink Green/Herbal Tea. There's nothing more calming then the soothing flow of warm liquid down your throat. It's not only good for your mind but also body. And if drinking tea works for a peaceful, enlightened monk in China, then it should do wonders for a frazzled, somewhat confused mom in Suburbia.

3)            Get a Beauty Treatment. There's something relaxing about letting someone fiddle about with your hair and face. If you have the time and money go get a haircut, or spa. I'd even settle for a makeover from my 4 year old!

4)            Laugh Out Loud. As they say, 'Laughter is the best medicine'. Watch clips of funny videos on YouTube or read a book of jokes. Watch reruns of I Love Lucy!

5)            Strengthen Your Facebook and Twitter Addiction. There are hundreds of things to do on FB and Twitter... you can look at everyone's photos, post on everyone's wall, play Farmville and every other kind of 'ville', tweet at strangers, retweet friends, tweet till you twittle your tweeps!

6)            Go Shopping. Or what I like to do is 'pretend' to go shopping. We've all been guilty of it, taking dozens of outfits to the department store fitting room just to try them on and have a mini fashion show. Then walk out and tell the counter lady "They didn't fit" or "Not what I was looking for". And in this case you wouldn't have to stress about how much you spent!

7)            Workout. Working out helps relieve stress and directs your attention to focusing on the fitness regime. I prefer mindless workouts like Zumba or swimming. Otherwise for more meditation based workouts try Yoga or Tai Chi.

8)            Watch a Movie. Whether in the theaters or at home a light hearted cheery movie will always help you relax. Just make sure you don't watch a thriller or a horror...then you'll just end up being paranoid on top of everything else. "Who's behind my shower curtain?!?"

9)            Eat Healthy Comfort Food. And I do stress HEALTHY. Eating can be very relaxing as well as comforting. Which probably explains why some of us look 'very relaxed' =) But go ahead and grab some fresh fruit, cereals, yogurts, nuts....snack away!
And last but not least....

10)            Do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! You can be sitting or lying, staring off into an oblivion, pondering odd questions like "what if I shaved my head?",whatever you want just as long as you accomplish the simple task of relaxation.


  1. In pre-little one days, I used to spend probably half of my weekend flopped across my bed and daydreaming. Often I'd listen to music, but that was really all I was doing. I've tried to imitate this endeavor in recent days, but I find I can manage 3-4 minutes before I start thinking of specific to-dos very much undone. This is where the magic of combining #8 and #10 come in. If Ghost is playing in the background and I'm letting my thoughts wander around that, I feel mellow enough to just kick back and let my thoughts flow even if I'm not actually watching the movie. Love it!

    #2 is excellent for me to read this morning. The last several weeks, I've been downing more and more coffee, which has been great in the mornings and absolutely devastating in the afternoons/evenings. I told myself I'd switch to tea today, so this is an excellent reminder to actually follow through!

    That photo is gorgeous. I would not mind teleporting to that very spot right now, although . . . it's not such a bad thing to be T minus 9 minutes to morning toddler snuggles!

  2. Deborah, I feel the same way about that picture. Lucky me, though, a plane ticket is on its way to take me there (it may be lost in the mail, however... indefinitely).

  3. Rachel, I am raising my glass (of OJ) to our "beautiful budding bond of bosom blogginess". May it further grow into a fabulous flowering fusion of faithful friendship.

    This is a very helpful list! Thanks for the reminders to take care of ourselves. We can all use the nudge. I'm going to try to do a lot more of #10 this month.

  4. Congratulations to you and Rachel for a wonderful guest post! I love all the relaxation tips most esp. #6 & #10! :)

  5. Nice to meet Rachel...I love lists too!
    Great tips for relaxing :) I'm off to check out her blog!

  6. following you from Cool Bean Momma's post.. glad I did, hope to follow us as well. visiting from FLAG

  7. Tina and Jen, thanks! I think it's about 6:00am in the Phillipines right now. Hopefully, Rachel is still sleeping!

    Monica, I love what you are doing for the girls with your FLAG initiative! Keep up the good work. (P.S. Thanks for following.)

  8. Following from Cool Beans Momma! Nothing can beat the way a good beauty treatment and shopping can make you feel!! Those are by far my favorite ways to relax. Love the post!


  9. Visiting from Cool Bean Mamas page. Love the list- I read #1 and I realized I hadn't actually taken a deep breath for a little while, lol. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. This post reminds me that I need my children to go to sleep right now so I can start relaxing. I love green tea and beauty treatments and Twitter and well I guess everything on this list.

  11. Agree on all points but I like to combine #1 and 10. Sit or lie down, do nothing, just breath heehee.
    Great post Rachel! Looking forward to the rest of the extravaganza, Sue!

  12. I love lists! And laughter really is the best medicine. It's what gets me through my day!

  13. @Deb: Any combination of the above will do for maximum relaxation. Tea is much healthier and more beneficial than coffee...what if you could transport you and your toddler snuggles over here?! =)

    @Cookies: Hhahah yes indefinitely...but who knows if it's meant to be it'll find it's way to Canadian soil. #10 I think is the hardest to do out of all of them...doing nothing is just not natural for mothers.

    @Tina: #6 definitely resonates with every woman.

    @Jen: Lists make the world a more organized place...and thanks!

    @Flag: Thanks for following the trail of cookies.

    @Amy: Thanks! Those are my personal favorites...

    @SortaSuperMom: LOL. As easy as it sounds, it does take some effort.

    @Jessica: Glad you liked it. I'm sure there are dozens of things to help a person relax but these are the top for me.

    @Janie: Great combination! =) Thanks.

    @Kim: Lists are great, it's the best way to present your thoughts...Laughter is the only medicine I'd willingly take!

  14. Great list but #10's pretty difficult to come by these days. Nice to know more about you over her Rachel.

  15. Great ideas for relaxing. You are right about laughing. I recently had a night out with some ladies I hadnt seen in years. I laughed my face off and felt awesome for days, once the wine hangover wore off.

  16. @Mom2Kiddos: Thanks and yes #10 truly goes against mother nature!

    @Theresa: laughter truly does wonders, hangovers on the other had not so funny...

  17. I love the 10 tips and couldn't agree more with all of them!!!

  18. Loved the guest post Rachel!

    So here's my personal perfect combo:

    While getting a pedicure (#3) and drinking hot green tea (#2) and breathing deeply (#1) and laughing out loud because my girlfriend is with me and we are cracking each other up with our obviously witty jokes and remarks (#4).

    Yep, that would be a pretty awesome mommy morning. We DO need to remember to take care of ourselves and my above combo would take just a little over an hour, hour and a half maybe with drive time. I think that's a pretty good investment in the self!

    Smile and Mama With Me

  19. As if my first comment wasn't long enough...I forgot to add: I love that photo.

    That is all, I promise!