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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome to Cookie's Chronicles!

When I was pregnant with my son, he acquired the pet name Cookie. This name just came to me the way 'bean' or 'peanut' formed on the lips of other expectant moms. Of course, I had no idea he was a boy at the time. Once we found out he was a boy, at our 20 week ultrasound, we needed to find him a new name. We came up with a list of about 15 acceptable (to us) boy's names, yet none of them seemed to suit him. About two weeks before he was born (early at 37 weeks), the name Jack came to me. I have no idea really where it came from, though there were a number of popular TV 'Jacks' at the time (Jack Sheppard from Lost and Jack Bauer from 24, to name just two). There are no Jacks on my side of the family, and there was a bit of a pull to name him after my deceased father, James. For whatever reason, I was sure my boy was a Jack, and so it was. We named him Jack, as did a large percentage of the population that year (it was in the top 25 names for 2007). Had we known it was going to be such a popular name that year, maybe 'James' would have won out. In any case, our Jack was born and we've been busy parenting for the past 3 1/2 years.

I created Cookie's Chronicles when I was pregnant thinking I would chronicle the pregnancy and post-pregnancy events of our lives, which have been as funny, challenging, and beautiful as I anticipated they would be. Instead what happened is.... well, I had a baby. I got a little busy. I shifted my priorities - oh, just a tad. Jack is in preschool now, and I'm turning my attention back to writing. Here I am then, to inform and, hopefully, entertain you, with stories of my life as a mother, wife, writer, knitter, friend and human - not necessarily in that order.

I hope you'll join me on this journey called motherhood/parenthood/life. I hope to create a community of like-minded people, and a place for us to share tips and stories with each other. Let me know what you think of the writing, the blog layout... whatever! If there's a topic you'd like to discuss, please post it here. I will attempt to write as daily as I can, but life will get in the way of my creative genius. I'll be extremely grateful for your ideas on those days when it's a challenge just to remember who and where I am (you moms and dads know what I mean)!

Today, is a preschool day and Jack has been up since 5am (thus, so have I). We've had colds for over two weeks now, so we're a wee bit sleep deprived. It should be an interesting day! Have a good one everybody. Until tomorrow...


  1. Great to hear from you Sue and I will enjoy your posts as often as I can.

  2. Congratulations Sue!

    I will add your blog to my Google Reader and look forward to your posts. I greatly enjoy hearing your perspective and you have a great way with words so I'm already hooked!

    Becky of Luck!

  3. Thank-you, Karen and Becky, and thanks to everyone who has emailed me with words of encouragement and ideas for future post topics. Your support means the world to me!

  4. I really enjoy (and love) your "Cookie". And I find it hard to believe that "Jack Attack" on "The Incredibles" is not somehow associated (in a causal way) to him.

    I am a little hurt about your comment about "acceptable" names. Some of the unique ones we ("friends", who might have openly been consuming frosty beverages in front of a pregnant woman) came up with certainly would not have been in the top 25...

  5. Ptery with a silent 'p' (short for Pterodactyl) was my personal favourite. I was also fond of Moly (short for Molybdenum) if it had been a girl. Bunch of crazies! ;)