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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sundays are for sleeping in

On the weekends, my husband and I take turns sleeping in. One person gets Saturday, the other gets Sunday. Sometimes though, somebody wins a sleep-in because they were the one to attend to a sick child overnight. Sometimes the reigning Queen invokes her royal rights and shoos the King and his progeny away with a wave of her hand. Sometimes it comes down to a Rock, Paper, Scissors duel, the only truly scientific and fair way to decide something like sleeping-in rights.
This weekend is different. Last night was date night (see We know how to Par-tay) and Jack had a sleepover at his auntie's house. Guess who gets to sleep in today? Mom AND Dad!

So, no pancakes today (see Pancake Sunday). If you're up early reading this, you have my sympathy and my permission to go back to bed. That's where I'll be!


  1. [Warning: contains Bad Parenting Techniques] My personal favourite is Option #3: Mom and Dad pretend to be asleep while small children turn TV on and help themselves to unhealthy snack food for breakfast!

  2. I like it, JP. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Perhaps a trail of unhealthy snacks leading from the child's bedroom directly to the TV room would assist in this technique.