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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Children's Storytelling - Pregnant Pauses and Creative Substitutions

Last night Jack, his dad and I were having dinner. Dinner is a time for each of us to talk about the day. "How was your day today, daddy?" "What did you do today, Jack?" We're working with Jack on taking turns, since he has a habit of interrupting us when we talk. Maybe it's because he's an only child, but he likes attention and usually gets it, and he doesn't enjoy when someone else is in the spotlight. He is learning. Tonight he did a pretty decent job of waiting his turn.

When it was his turn to talk, Jack started to tell a story about the morning's events. "Well, we just watched a show, aaaaaaand then we went to visit our friends, aaaaaaand... (pause) ...we had some lunch... (pause) ...crocodiles can't clean their own teeth, did you know that?" There was another pause, a very long pause. Jack looked up and away as if trying to recall something. By now I was laughing uncontrollably. Jack and my husband just stared at me like I'd gone mad.

Retrieved March 28, 2011 from http://www.momaroo.com/709200435/kids-talkin-funny-as-hell/

Jack talks this way all the time - you may remember the "You're not a duck!" conversation - but yesterday Jack's pregnant pauses reminded me of a video I had watched recently that made me laugh so hard I cried. (Shout out to judester for sharing this video with me!) Maybe it's because of my station as a parent or maybe it was the sleep-deprivation taking over. Maybe this video isn't as funny as I think it is - I'll let you be the judge - but there's no greater nourishment than laughter, so I just had to share it with you.

Right! Here is the video. Make sure you have about 6 minutes to spare (plus the additional 30 or so you'll need to watch the other four once addicted), Kleenex (for the crying), and privacy - that is, if you don't want people to see you literally ROFL. And now, I present to you, Kid History: Episode 4.

Here is my second favourite of the Kid History Episodes, Episode 2.

And if you still want more, check out:
Kid History: Episode 1
Kid History: Episode 3
July 9, 2011 - Edited to add Kid History: Episode 5
November 12, 2011 - Edited to add Kid History; Episode 6 - this one is right up there with 2 and 4.

I found these videos so hysterically funny, because they demonstrate how differently kids think than we adults do. The things that they remember from the stories they are told, and the things that they make up to fill in the gaps, result in some very funny narratives. Seeing grown men act out the kids' scripts in these videos, and the way that these 'actors' interpreted their stories, sent me into fits of laughter.

How do you capture these moments with your kids? Last night at the dinner table I wrote notes on a napkin, so that I wouldn't forget the hilarity of the moment which again elicited strange looks from Jack and his dad. I really need to start carrying a tape recorder around with me!


  1. Very funny Sue!

    I use my Project Life binder to document funny things the kids say and do. The album is filled with random pictures from our weeks and the funny and sometimes frustrating anecdotes that I want to remember.

    Project Life is by Becky Higgins.

  2. Becky, this product looks fantastic. Are you using the digital version? This could be useful for someone like me. I have no time for paper anymore. I did a decent enough job with Jack's first year paper scrapbook, but haven't printed off a photo in.... a long time.

    Readers, if you want to check out this product, go to http://www.beckyhiggins.com/products/.

  3. Wow, that link is so funny. Thanks for posting. Classic!