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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm twitterpated!

It's springtime! A time of year when all of the world's creatures become twitterpated.
Term:   twitterpated
Part of Speech:   adj
Definition:   confused by affection or infatuation
Etymology:   twitter + -pated 'pertaining to the head'
                                              Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/twitterpated
If you've ever watched Bambi (it's ok, you can tell me), you're familiar with the term. If you haven't, here's a snippet:

I was lying in bed this morning, not sleeping (Jack woke me up to get him a blanket in the middle of the night), and thinking about the previous day. Yesterday I created a Twitter account. I kid you not. You can now follow me on Twitter - just click on the bright blue button somewhere over there------>.

Since it's inception, I've been talking about how ridiculous the concept of tweeting is. Why do I need to know what Amy is doing every minute of the day. Amy is waiting in line for coffee to go. Amy just found a quarter on the Subway! Amy is bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.

Well, I see now that it can actually be a useful tool, particularly if you're a blogger. There are a few interesting people and companies that I can follow on Twitter, and then decide if I want to visit their web page to learn more. It saves me time. I get many quick bits of info without having to visit many different sites. I can also tweet about my own blog entries, keep my viewers informed and save them some time too.

Still I was laying there this morning thinking to myself that I'd sold out. How could I have changed my tune seemingly overnight? And then it hit me. It's spring. And I am twitterpated! In that state a person will do all sorts of crazy things, like becoming attracted to something she once had no interest in.

Spring is in the air people. Watch your step!


  1. Bwa-ha! Potty training must be clouding my mind, as I thought "Twitterpated" was being unable to think of anything to Tweet . . . kind of like being "Consonantipated" in Scrabble.

  2. Whoops, that was me - JP must have forgotten to log out again. (Rats, if I'd known, I could have had some fun with that!)

  3. I think I like your definition of Twitterpated better, cinmintz! ('consonantipated' - lol) Ah, potty training. I remember it well. It seems like it was just yesterday. I guess that's because it was just yesterday. We're mostly out of the woods now ('woods' - funny... given that my son is a boy... and there are trees in the woods... and... nevermind). Anyway, I hope it is clear sailing for you and little B!