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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hide-and-seek fun.

Jack loves to play hide-and-seek. Lately, we've been playing it inside the rec centre. I run ahead and hide behind a pole. Next it's Jack's turn, but finding no pole in sight he squishes his body against a wall, hoping being flat also means being invisible.


Yesterday was another wintery day. Cold but beautiful, the snow falling gently. Tired of the same old hiding places, we took our game outside. The rec centre is surrounded by evergreen trees. There, Jack had the advantage. I would try my best to hide behind a tree, but Jack could always see me. Jack is small enough to practically climb inside the tree. I could still see him, of course, but I pretended not to.

"Where could Jack be? I don't see him anywhere."
"Tee hee hee"
"Oh, but I hear him giggling"
"Tee hee hee"
"Peek-a-boo, I see you!"

Jack would have stayed out there among the trees for hours, I think. Back at home the game continued, and it was still being played when daddy came home. Jack hid behind the couch while dad covered his eyes and counted to ten. Jack would have been hard to find, but again the giggles gave him away.

I have to say, there really is no better sound than a giggling child.

Here are some rules and variations on the game of hide-and-seek at the Teach Kids How website. Have a happy and playful day!

Kids Playing Hide and Seek outside Gulou train station

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