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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snow Days and Sick Days

My son is at a fun age. I sure will miss his excitement and all of the things that he's so willing to share with me: hugs, kisses, funny stories... The one thing I will not miss him sharing with me is the common cold. It's been way too common around here this year. That's the trouble with preschoolers: they go to preschool and they come home with whatever new virus made it's way onto the toys that they all share. I know that this benefits Jack. His immune system is becoming highly robust.

If I have to be sick it may as well be on a day like today. When last I checked it was spring. But today everything is covered in a blanket of snow and it's still snowing. Just a few days ago I put away our winter coats and boots - not too far away, mind you. Winter gear never gets packed away in boxes and stored in the basement - not here in Coldville. Anyone remember Mr. Sneeze?

Atishoo! Ugh. Pardon me. I know how Mr. Sneeze felt. Anyone know where I can find a wizard? I dream that one will come and turn everything in my world a warm and sunny yellow. That way I won't have to move. I could retire here if it weren't for the winter that invades all other seasons. Winter, go away already. Yes, you're very formidable and awe-inspiring, but the other seasons are waiting patiently for their turns. Shoo!

I hope you are someplace warm today, or that you really like snow! Have a healthy day, friends!


  1. Evan's class was making stone soup today in their jammies. I think they couldn't have picked better weather for soup and PJ's but I was stuck running errands.

  2. Oh, fun! For Evan, not for you. I hope you treated yourself when you got home - a cup of cocoa would have been perfect yesterday!