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Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest Blogger:
Beth of Far From Camelot
"Moving Revelations"

Today, I am proud to present fellow blogger Beth of Far From Camelot. Beth is the mom of one adorable Riley Benjamin who she describes as her reason for getting up in the morning and her husband's reason for working so hard.

Beth has a knack for seeing the positive in even the most trying of times. Check out her new weekly link up, Our Blessings Box, hosted every Monday where you can write about the good that's happened in your life and meet some new friends.

Far From Camelot

Moving Revelations
by Beth of Far From Camelot

I have had my life packed up in moving boxes for almost two years. Books, framed art, knick-knacks, kitchen supplies, you name it. My life has been trapped and unable to be used. Items have been replaced, although I had a perfectly good one already. It’s just in a box that I can’t get to. Two years is an eternity when you’re staring at empty walls in rooms of a house not of your choosing.

After being forced to close our business in Florida, Chris got a job in Georgia. The company was to pay for our move. They fired him the day before we were to leave and bring back our home. Apparently he was too inexperienced for the money they were paying him. Strange though, because he’d been doing the same work almost all his life. For three months we lived on a rented pull-out couch and RB slept smushed in his play pen. Even the TV was rented. It took three months to get another job, find a house in the city where the job was and afford to get our things from Florida.

The next house we chose to rent was out of sheer desperation to find a place quickly. It was affordable yet old and run down. It was out in the country so the area was quiet and it had a large back yard. That was its redeeming quality – RB had a place to run wild and free! But it didn’t feel like home and we relegated the majority of our things, still packed in boxes, to the spare bedroom. Thinking we would be leaving at the end of the lease, I didn’t want to unpack everything just to pack it back up again.

It’s easy to feel in limbo when things aren’t going your way. The year spent in Georgia was not productive for us. Our plans failed and people we trusted became a disappointment. I suppose when a life change is made beyond your control, your attitude is not a positive one. I felt we were stuck and stagnant. Our financial situation seemed to be getting worse. It was looking like we were going to stay a lot longer than we wanted to.

But moving to Bluffton has sparked some change and positive results. The majority of our life has now been unpacked. Family pictures and other art have been hung on the walls. Some of my tea pot collection is decorating the kitchen as well as the porcelain plates that my grandmothers painted. My books have come out of hiding and out on new bookshelves. The lies of our past cannot dictate the truth of our future. Tomorrow certainly is another day. Another day to wake up and be glad for a fresh start. Another day to learn from but not dwell on past mistakes. Do not settle.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that material things don’t matter and shouldn’t rule our life or self-worth. We did have to downsize to move into this apartment but what a blessing! You’ve heard the organizational saying, if you haven’t used it for a year, get rid of it? Well, I had two years worth of unused items to donate! It was a load off my past that was keeping me from moving forward. What a relief it is to start living again! I don’t miss those items. They don’t define me. Literally cleaning house was a release from a past that we thought we should hang on to. Now, I’m looking forward to acquiring new items to celebrate this next chapter in our lives, but don’t tell my husband!


  1. what a fantastic idea! I really enjoyed reading this post!

  2. What a beautiful post! I admire that positive attitude. It can be so easy to get down when things aren't going the way you want, especially when it's for such a long extended period of time. But those circumstances do serve a purpose, even if it's only to make us appreciate the good in our lives that much more!

  3. What a wonderful feeling it must have been to pass those things on to others!

  4. Thank you all! My husband was very good at reminding us both that we should be grateful for our good health and family. As much as that seems trite compared to being able to pay your bills, it truly is the most important part of life. Everything else falls into place!

  5. "The lies of our past cannot dictate the truth of our future." This is so true! I'm really glad that things are starting to look up for you guys. You're such a sweetie...you and your family deserve all the best in the world!



  6. What a great reminder. I sometimes complain because our house is too small and cluttered...maybe I just need to get rid of some junk!
    Great post.1

  7. I definitely need to take the time to go through my house and donate some stuff. It just makes you feel lighter somehow. And you're right, sometmes it takes an unfortunate turn events, and a pull through out of the bad and into the good to remind us to be thankful for all that we have. Great post.

  8. What an absolutely beautiful transformation! Absolutely wonderful feeling, had a great time in your blog!

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  9. Thanks everyone for your comments on Beth's post.

    Beth, I know just how you feel. After my mother passed away, I was responsible for packing up the house. I moved her things around with me for 10 years! It was such a relief and such a weight off to, when I was finally ready, purge all of that stuff. Much of it was passed on to someone who could use it, which was a good feeling.

    Now, whenever I move (which I hope not to have to do again for some time), I have all the boxes, except essentials, moved to a storage area. Then, as the first couple of years pass, I slowly bring things up as I need them. Anything not brought up in that two years can be given away or turfed.

    I'm glad that you have been able to let go and repurpose some of the things that have been taking up literal and figurative space in your life. It must be so wonderful to be able to just breathe again. I'm so happy for you, Beth!

  10. This could just as easily been written by a military spouse. We go through something similar every few years, with the exception of the unexpected job loss. The picking up & moving on a regular basis and never fully knowing what you are getting into can be stressful but it also helps you downsize & reorganize.

    I'm glad things are looking up for y'all now.

  11. Dana, I had thought about the military angle at one point because there was never a feeling of permanance or settlement. I'm grateful that my son is too young to feel attachment! One of my fantasies has always been to travel where the wind takes me, never staying in one place for too long. Found out it's not for me! Thank y'all for your beautiful comments!

  12. Hello everyone, this is not Beth but rather her husband Christopher. I appreciated reading all of your wonderful posts about my wife and her wonderful attitude towards our life together. I also love reading her writings because it reminds me of how great of a wife and best friend that I have. I really feel strongly that I could not have gotten out of bed every morning and face the day if she was not there by my side always being supportive and positive. We have a great life together and where we lack in dollars we make up for with our closeness and strong bond that we have as a family.

    Again thank you for all of your posts and Beth I love you very much and look forward to reading your next blog.

  13. Christopher, you're a keeper! :) What a supportive husband you are!

    You two are so sweet, and I wish you both good health and continued closeness. Money comes and goes - and it will come again - but what you both have is worth far, far more.

  14. Deb, thanks for stopping by and following! I'll check out your site.