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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to Achieve a State of Deep Relaxation... in 2.5 Minutes or Less

For the last few nights, Jack has been leading the family through a wind-down yoga session as part of his bedtime routine. It's marginally relaxing. We usually do about seven or eight poses in approximately 2.5 minutes.

Let me tell you, this is one of the most adorable (and hysterical) things I think I have witnessed, and I'm not just saying that because I am heavily biased toward finding everything my son does to be super cute.

He always gives his poses really interesting names. Last night we experienced the Worrier pose.

"Do you mean the Warrior pose, Jack?"

"No. This is the Worrier pose. It looks like this!"

The Worrier pose involves standing with your knees together, feet apart and your hands on your genitals. I think I see where this pose gets its name. I get a little worried when Jack does this pose in public when there are no bathrooms in sight.

It's hilarious to watch as he strikes a pose. Then, not quite satisfied with it, he makes several rapid adjustments until we go from a standing pose to something that looks like the progeny of a duck mated to a frog.

He is quick to correct our technique. "And... the hand faces up. The hand faces up. Mommy! The hand faces..."

"Oh, sorry. Got it!"

Each pose has its own count as well. For example, the Worrier pose is held for eleven seconds, whereas Downward Goat is held for precisely one second. The seconds may ONLY be counted by the instructor (aka Jack). If anyone else begins to count with Jack, he must start again.

What Jack's yoga program lacks in... well, anything resembling yoga (I shouldn't say that - actually, some of his poses are very therapeutic), is more than made up for by the joy, the laughter and the connection with one another that we all get to experience.

Plus it warms our hearts to see Jack as a leader. He's so incredibly happy to be in charge of something. The bedtime routine seems to go so much more smoothly after our yoga sessions.

Thanks Jack! Namaste.


  1. I love that you recognize this as a sign of leadership! What fun!

  2. What a fun family activity and I'm sure Jack absolutely REVELS in this opportunity to lead! I think we need to see a video clip of your yogi in action!

  3. I LOVE this! When they start coming up with their own ideas it really fills your heart, doesn't it? :)

  4. Haha! The worrier pose is hilarious! He's so cute with his ideas. My 4yo son loves coming up with funny games and even funnier rules recently too.

  5. Thanks Minivan Mama! He very much loves to be in charge, so we're always looking for ways to give him that opportunity. Our yoga sessions really are fun!

  6. Amanda, he really is in his element. I'll see what I can do about a video, although it might be pretty blurry - I laugh a lot during these sessions so the camera would be seriously jiggly. : >

  7. Dwija, you're so right. It makes me so happy to see him really stretching his imagination (as well as his limbs) with a big, proud smile on his face!

  8. Kiddothings, it's such a fun age, isn't it? Everything is new. Everything is fun!

  9. I've never been interested in doing yoga until right this very minute. How does one go about registering for Jack's classes? And what does he usually charge for this 2.5 minutes of yoga?

  10. what a great activity and how unbelievably cute is he!

  11. What a great idea. mine run like dogs till I actually force them into bed. once in bed, they are fine - they go right to sleep; so guess I am lucky there. They're probably so exhausted by that point.
    Jack's yoga sessions seem like a much nicer, and by that I mean, quiet, transition to bedtime.

  12. How cute. My kids love doing yoga. Maybe I should send them over so they can learn the Worrier pose.

  13. What a great activities. I'm sure I will be buying his DVD's when is is an all great yoga master.

  14. Jacqui, I'll ask the yogi and get back to you. I suspect that you could pay him in cheese or gummies. :)

    Thanks Melissa. :) We think he's pretty cute too!

    Rory, it is a nice transition, though I'd be lying if I said it was a 'quiet' one - there's plenty of bouncing and laughter that follows - but it does seem to make him more cooperative!

    Ha ha! Jessica, sure send them over. But just to warn you, you may die laughing when you see them do it.

    Kimberly, I think so too, but then I am a wee bit biased. :)

    Barbara, you are too funny! It's a great idea! He can support me in my old age.

  15. this is so great. and your son should know this is the first time anyone has made me remotely intersted in trying yoga.