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Friday, October 28, 2011

Best of the Blogosphere:
October 2011 Blog Tour

It's time once again to show our appreciation for our fellow bloggers.

October 2011 Edition

There is so much great content out there, and since there's also a LOT of content out there it's sometimes easy to miss the really stellar posts. Every day we bloggers give pieces of ourselves to the blogosphere. This feature is my way of showing my appreciation for your efforts and to thank-you all for supporting mine.

Won't you join me?

Have you been keeping track? Write a list of the October posts you enjoyed most and link it up. Remember to also include in your list the post you're most proud of writing this month!

If you haven't kept track, no worries. There's always next month! This month, toot your own horn and link up your best post from the month.

Please grab and display my button anywhere in your post. Follow me if you like (no pressure). Feel free to leave me a comment - it makes me feel loved! Most importantly, please visit a few others who have linked up and share your thoughts with them.


Here are some amazingly good posts I read this October.

I stopped breathing for a few seconds as I read this post. Brilliantly done, terribly sad as well, is this post by Tonya of Letters for Lucas: Heartbeat

There are so many wonderful posts at Just.Be.Enough. This one by Robin Farr really lifted my spirits: Five Things That Make Me Smile

I recently discovered The Butter Bottom Blog. Seriously funny stuff from the dad's point of view: Kids, Karma and the New Basketball Goal

I also recently discovered a new fun community over at Free Fringes. It's called Lovelinks. Link up your favourite post from the week, visit others, and vote on your favourites. It's a wonderfully supportive place to hang out. Here is one of my favourite posts from this past week: How to Amuse Your Children With Math. And guess what? I was voted #4. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks to everyone who visited and commented on my entry. Your support is very much appreciated. Congratulations to the winners, @mommy2cents and @amorninggrouch.

This month I had the pleasure of picking a topic for NorthWest Mommy's Monday Listicles meme over at The Good Life. The topic was Ten Tips for New Moms and I loved reading everyone's take on it! So fun! In case you missed them, here are just a few of my favourites:
House Unseen 
Peeper Summarized 
Stasha got me good with her rebellious post. Check it out, along with the rest of the fantastic and unique interpretations of this topic, at The Good Life. You can read my Ten Tips for New Moms here.

I had fun participating in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge this month with Project Alicia, Bumbles and Light and Live and Love Out Loud. I had fun focusing my lens on yellow, orange and red, and it gave me an opportunity to capture some images of my garden at this majestic time of year.

I also started 'pinning' this month. I know, I know. I already have far too many guilty pleasures. But who can resist? Visit me on Pinterest to see my favourite Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge submissions. Just beautiful!

Finally, I have already mentioned my Ten Tips for New Moms post. That's probably the post that I am most proud of writing this month. This one is a close second: Bull Canyon, A Boatbuilder, A Writer and Other Wildlife: Book Review and Interview with Lin Pardey. Bull Canyon was a really wonderful read. I enjoyed interviewing the author Lin, an inspirational woman.

I can hardly believe October is winding to a close already. I hope you all are enjoying the fall and looking forward to the coming winter.

Thanks to all of you for another great month and for putting out such great content!

Don't forget to link up your list of amazing October posts, or share your own favourite post!

Psst! I'm also linking up with Rach of Life Ever Since for Life's Lessons and Erica of Free Fringes for Lovelinks. Be sure to check out these fun memes!



  1. I linked up early this month!

    What a great mix of posts! And thank you so much for including mine. :)

  2. I'll be back in November. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for the lovelinks shoutout! We'll see you next week, right?

  3. Yay, Robin. You're #1! Still can't believe you are now connected to Oprah!

    Hi Erica! That's great! In the meantime, you can link up one of your own fabulous posts from October if you like. I will endeavour to join you again next week. Reminders are very helpful (hint, hint). :)

  4. Isn't Pinterest the best thing ever? I have my real life me account and my morning grouch account....and i seem to never stop pinning. I'll have to stalk you on there.

  5. Hey, Morning Grouch! :) Stalk away! I'm just getting started, but I'm sure it'll be overflowing with content in no time!

  6. Great idea, Sue! Are you going to be doing this on a certain day of each month or...?

  7. Thanks Jacqui! I'll put it up on or about the 28th/29th of the month and leave it up for a week.

  8. Loved you Bull Canyon review! Back tomorrow after a good night sleep and a clear head :)

  9. Thanks Stasha. And thanks for linking up!

  10. Sounds like you've had a very busy, and productive month! I'm new to Pinterest too and still trying to figure it all out ;)

  11. This is such a good idea for a blog hop. I'm going to figure out my favorites for the week and join in. :-)

  12. What a great idea for a post! I might have to join in!

  13. Hmmm...I took a big break this month, but I'll have to see which posts I liked best.

  14. Melissa, I'm taking it slow on Pinterest!

    Chasing Joy, that would be great if you join in! The more the merrier!

    Thanks Barbara! I'll look forward to seeing your list if you get the chance to link it up!

    Rach, I hope you were able to get some rest. We blogging moms need our rest!

  15. Your post was definitely one of my favorite's from Love Links as well! Such excellent, thoughtful and realistic advice!

  16. I just linked up and joined your hop.

  17. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! It kept telling me that there was an error posting my link and now there's like 1000 of them on your linky! HELP!! Sorry about that.

    "In other news"... Thanks for the shout-out for being the #lovelinks #28 winner! That's awesome!! I love how you do a monthly breakdown of your fav posts. What an awesome idea and a fabulous way to help bring a little bloggy love to your favorite blogitas! You're awesome!!

  18. Okay, crisis averted! I deleted the other 999 entries (man, you freaked ME out when you said there were 1000 of them)! ;)

    Thanks for linking up and supporting my BOTB meme!

  19. LOL! Ok... so I exaggerated a wee little bit.

  20. :P S'alright! It's a woman's prerogative to exaggerate.

  21. How awesome to give us a list of great stuff! Looking forward to checking them out :)

  22. Thanks XL - and thanks for stopping by!

  23. A BIG thank-you to everyone who linked up with Best of the Blogosphere this month! I'm so pleased with the content we all shared, and I'm happy that so many of you decided to link up your own list of great bloggers to check out! I've enjoyed visiting your recommended blog posts!

    It's a new month! As you travel through the Blogosphere this November, make note of the posts that you enjoy the most. I can't wait to read your recommendations!

  24. I will be back with my favorite posts, I've read such beautiful posts last month. I think this is a great idea. And thank you for this chance to link up.

  25. Thanks for the reminder, Sue! I've neglected twitter, so I'm a bit behind ;)

  26. Mirjam and Jen, thanks so much for linking up! :-)