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Monday, May 02, 2011

The Most Beautiful Moment of My Husband's Life

I want to share a moment with you filled with deep emotion, a personal moment that my husband will remember for as long as he lives.

Have you ever had such an intense feeling of joy that you couldn't contain it? There's that screech that comes out when we hear that our girlfriend is pregnant. Sometimes we're so happy - when we or someone we love gets married, when a child is born and so on - that tears escape down our cheeks.

Jump for Joy

Well last week I saw my husband happier than I have ever seen him before. Now, consider that we are married - so there was a marriage - and that we have had a child together. Neither of these events have made him as happy as he was last week when his favourite hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks, won the 7th game in the series against the Blackhawks in overtime.

I've always known about my husband's love of hockey, but it never occurred to me that I might be his second love. He was so overcome with emotion when they won that he picked me up and started jumping up and down in celebration. He was almost in tears when he pronounced that he hasn't been this happy since the Canucks beat the Flames on their way to the Stanley Cup final in 1994.

I'm very happy for my husband, don't get me wrong. But just for a second, I was feeling a little less than worthy. Now, after some reflection, I understand that there are different levels of love and that the love for a child, the love for a spouse and the love for a sports team can coexist.

And now, since it is my vow and my pleasure to support my husband's interests....

Go Canucks go!

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  1. I can't deny that I was incredibly happy when the Canucks won. It was 3 years of angst that was released at an instant in time. But, it was more of fantasy angst, not real life.

    I'm very blessed to have the family that I do and the happiness I get from them is from real life. It's a happiness that builds over time. It can't be replaced by the "fantasy" happiness.

  2. Aww. Y'old softy! :) We are very blessed.

  3. Wow, what a nice save Cookie's Dad! How sweet is that Sue!!! I'm not mad at Cookie's Dad anymore, so you can sleep safely tonight. $:-รพ

    Sue, I understand your temporary angst, but it sounds like you and Jack are very lucky to have him!

    Linda Mc