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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Canada Day, eh?

Friday (tomorrow) is Canada Day!

I've never really thought of myself as patriotic. I don't fly a flag in my backyard or stick Canada flag pins on my bags when I travel. But I do love Canada. It's a beautiful country. Some of its people even get me. It's home.

But what does it really mean to me to be a Canadian?

Canada is... winter. There's no better place to find it then here. As much as I complain about shoveling and driving in it, snow is a beautiful thing. There's something about spending the day out in the snow, skiing or snowshoeing that reminds us of how alive we are. And nothing beats that cozy feeling you get when you return to a roaring fire and hot cup of cocoa (and maybe a shot of brandy). Ahhh. Bliss.

Canada is... security. I don't ever have to worry about not being able to look after my health thanks to public health care. In other ways, my country looks after me. When I retire, if I lose my job or can no longer work, social services will be there to help.

Canada is... beauty. I have travelled the country from coast to coast and have lived in three of its provinces. There is so much to see and do here. Vast blue skies. Majestic mountains. Clean beaches. Sparkling waters. Grand old trees. Stunning night city skylines. It's all here!

Canada is... community. We care about each other. We understand that a life lived only for ourselves is no life at all. We know that happiness is a result of how much we expand our hearts and give to others. Canadians are good neighbours. We love our cousins to the south - sometimes it feels as if there are no borders at all. We are volunteers and do what we can to assist other countries in need. We're very polite (just ask anyone who isn't from Canada how often we say "sorry" and "excuse me").

Canada is... equality. Whatever I might want to do, I will have relatively few barriers to getting it done. Canadians stand up against discrimination and we support minorities. Women are treated as equals. The elderly are treated with dignity and respect. I feel very fortunate to live in this country and at this time.

Canada is... family. It's where I have grown up and it's where my family lives. It's home. My family consists not only of my blood relatives, but includes my dear friends who help me to learn and grow and to be a better person, day by day.

Happy Birthday, Canada! Thank-you for all that you are.



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  1. What a great post!!! Happy Canada Day to you!

    Sadie, a fellow Canadian

  2. I love Canada. Though I've never been my relatives who live there brag of so many wonderful benefits. My favorite one is the allowance they give you each month, per kid you have! =) Now that's what I call rewarding parenthood...

  3. Happy Canada Day to you, Sadie!!!

    Rachel, it's pretty sweet. You'll have to come and visit - maybe the next time your husband wants to be spontaneous!

  4. My first roommate in Japan (and now dear friend) is on a many-month leave to spend time with her newborn second baby. I've mentioned the arrangement to my manager, who says things like, "Yes, well, she has to live in Canada, and you get to live in Los Angeles!" I admit I love the sunshine, but . . . you know what would be even more awesome? Having more than 10 weeks my next child when s/he is born! (Conception must occur first, of course, but these are the things on my mind!)

    Li'l D did wear a Canada shirt for last Canada day, thanks to an online friend of many years. If only the shirt still fit him! ;)

  5. It's hard to imagine NOT having the first year off with the little ones. We are extremely fortunate there. But... I wish we had more warm weather here. The grass is always greener on the other side!

    Way to go, Li'l D! I hear belly shirts are back in.

  6. So true. I LOVE being Canadian (recent hockey riots in my home city notwithstanding)! Happy Canada Day to you and your family! Swinging by from the Let's Bee Friends linkup.

  7. This is a great post. Canada is an amazing place to live. I especially love that Canada is about community.

  8. I've never been to Canada but this post makes it sound like a great place. I hope to visit one day.

  9. Thanks ladies! Happy Canada Day, Lisa and Amanda! Jessica, I hope you get a chance to visit us one day.

  10. Happy Canada day!!
    So grateful to live here!!

  11. What a wonderful post and yes to all that you said because it's true. Canada is truly a wonderful place to live.

    Happy Canada Day!

  12. Not for nothing but I HAVE noticed there seem to be an inproportionate amount of awesome bloggers from Canada. I am not one of them so I can say this without bragging.Must be something in the water up there...

  13. Great post! I've never been to Canada, but it sounds absolutely beautiful!

  14. Happy Canada Day, Leighann and Bruna!

    Thank-you, Jackie and Christine! Jackie, I hope you get to visit someday! Christine - lol - thanks for the compliment!

  15. I've only been to Victoria & Montreal, but I've been to both several times. I love it. Y'all are friendly...it's almost like being in the South, but a little colder. ;-)

  16. Hi Dana - just a wee bit colder, yes. ;-) Thanks for stopping by! Happy Birthday to the USA on Monday too!!

  17. I have been to Toronto in the winter, which was shockingly cold for me...I'm a desert girl(100 degrees F is not that hot to me). Niagra Falls frozen, was absolutely incredible though! I'm glad I saw it that way. Love to see much more of Canada! Thanks for the great post:)