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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Shadow at the Gate:
Book Review and Interview with the Author
Guest Blogging at Kindle Obsessed

Today, I'm guest blogging at Kindle Obsessed. Pop on over to view my review of The Shadow at the Gate and interview with the author Christopher Bunn (click here for the review and interview).

Christopher has been featured on Cookie's Book Club before:
--> Click here to view my review of The Hawk and His Boy and interview with Christopher Bunn
--> Click here to view Christopher's Guest Post, "Moral Compass and Character"

Thanks to Misty at Kindle Obsessed for hosting me today. Her reviews are poignant and honest. She also regularly shares her finds on free and reasonably priced e-books. If you love books as much as I do, you'll want to check out her blog!


  1. Following you back for #momdaymonday via Changing Diapers & Taking Names. I LOVE that you blog about any and everything, including good reads. I may have found a new favorite blog. :)

  2. Thanks Nikki! That's so nice to hear. Love your blog too!