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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hurray for dads!

I do a lot of talking about moms on my blog. Well, I am one - it makes sense. But today, I'd like to honour the fathers. Happy Fathers Day to all you dads. We truly appreciate you, not just this day but every day.

Thank-you for playing catch and building complicated lego-structures with your sons. Thank-you for dawning a tiara and attending tea parties with your daughters. Thank-you for the giggles and tickles. Thank-you for your gentle firmness in teaching our children to be good people.

Thank-you for braving the elements, for scaring away monsters and for attending school plays with enthusiasm and without complaint, no matter how tired you might be.

Thank-you for all the ways that you show our kids how special they are and how much you love them.

Thank-you for everything you do to make our lives comfortable and fun. 

Thank-you for our families. We are who we are because of you! 

Happy Fathers Day!

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  1. What an awesome post...all so true. It reminds me of my own dad! Happy Father's Day to your husband...

  2. Thanks Rachel. Happy belated Fathers Day to yours!

  3. I love seeing dads play with their little girls. A friend of mine and her sister used to put curlers in their dad's hair and I just love that. I'm so excited to see my husband growing as a dad!

  4. Ha! That is one awesome dad. I can't say mine would have ever let me do that to his hair, but these days our sensitive new-age dads really go the extra mile for their kids! It IS great to see.

  5. The dads do play very different roles don't they? But oh so important. Great post.

  6. Yes, I don't know what I would do without my husband! I love that he does the rough and tumble and outside stuff!

  7. Kara and Kristy, thanks for your comments. We are so fortunate, those of us that have partners to help raise our kids. They can fill in the gaps and do the things that we're not so good at (or would rather not, bless them).

    Some moms and dads have to go it alone - I don't know how they do it! It's a wonder we don't have a Single Parents Day where the rest of the world gives all of the single parents a day off.

  8. I'm a new stalker here! I love how you write. Keep up the great work!

  9. Thanks Aimee! Love your site too - some yummy, yummy treats there!!