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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Awards:
And the awards go to...

The talented and refreshingly honest Rachel of Cool Bean Mommas recently awarded me The Versatile Blogger award! Nice, huh? And then, a few days later, I received the award from a new bloggy-buddy, Beth of Far From Camelot! Thank-you so much ladies! I am honoured.

 So, what IS a versatile blogger? Well, if variety is the key, then I guess I qualify. Here at Cookie's Chronicles I write about parenting, home life, food, knitting, writing and whatever else suits my various moods. At Cookie's Book Club, I indulge my passion for books with book review and interviews with new and noteworthy authors.

According to tradition, having received the Versatile Blogger Award, I must share 7 things about myself with all of you and then award 10 fabulous new (to me) bloggers the Versatile Blogger Award.

I recently shared 7 things about me after receiving the Stylish Blogger Award.

Here are 7 more things you may not know about me:

1. I have great ideas. I am extremely good at starting new things. In fact, I have approximately 1,746 things on the go at any one time. I'm not the best at finishing things however. If I ever finish just one really great thing and become rich as a result, I shall hire a personal finisher to finish things for me.

2. I don't like blue cheese or anything else that looks and smells like it came from the south end of a north-bound seagull.

3. I'm not sure what my freebie list says about me, but here it is. Join me in a sigh of appreciation for the glory of these fabulous men: Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig, Matthew Fox, Robert Downey Jr, Brad Pitt.

I mean no disrespect to my loving husband by sharing this list. In fact, in the spirit of equality I will now share his freebie list: Charlize Theron, Olivia Wilde, Elle MacPherson, Anne Hathaway, Evangeline Lilly. I actually had to help my husband with his list, and of course his first pick was me, bless him.

4. I despise socks. No, really. The way they twirl around my feet so that the heel is always at the front and the seam is twisted under my toes. The way they hide from each other in the dryer. They're sneaky little devils. The way black and dark blue socks can be paired together when dressing on a dark winter morning and later reveal their embarrassing true colours in the bright light of day. Socks, be warned: If ye are found with a hole, without your partner or in anyway conspiring to undermine the comfort of the foot ye belong to, ye shall be tossed into the trash faster that ye can say Argyle!

5. Water. Jo. Agua. Eau. Wasser. Of all the wonderous liquid substances the world has to offer, WATER is my favourite (Appleton's Jamaican Rum is a close second). However you say it, nothing quenches thirst like water. Nothing soothes an aching body like a hot water bath. The sound of running water is like food for the soul.

6. I love music (I may have alluded to this the last time I shared 7 things about myself). I can't actually imagine life without it. When people ask the desert island question - what three things would I bring to a desert island (assuming I had the foresight to pack them in the unlikely event of an emergency) - music is always the first thing I think of. Books come second. Ideally, I would own a waterproof, solar powered iPad or tablet loaded with all of my favourite songs and the best books of all time. That would leave me with space for two other things: some sort of universal knife that includes a magnifying glass (for starting fires) and fishing line. Interesting that I go to comfort (music and books) first before basic needs.

7. If I have a motto it is this: Life is too short to drive under the speed limit.

And now to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award to 10 fabulous and versatile bloggers who I have come to know and admire.

Here I considered two things when deciding who to pass the award onto. First, I looked at how versatile these bloggers are. These ladies and gents write about many things while still relating it all to their central theme, and they do it well! I also wanted to award it to fabulous new bloggers. As a new blogger myself, receiving this award was fantastic feedback for me. It told me that I was doing something right and inspired me to keep going! To these new bloggers I say, keep up the great work!

1. Bruna of Bees with Honey. We have the same 'friendship motto': "the more, the merrier."

2. Rach of Life with Baby Donut. We both refer to our kids as a dessert item.

3. Kimberly of Mama's Monologues. She's a stay-at-home mom like me with three - yes, I said three - boys!

4. Abby of Mommy Moments with Abby. She runs a daycare and has the best craft and activity ideas to try with your own children!

5. Christine of The Aums. She and I share a love of books, and a desire to pass this love onto our children.

6. Ado of The Momalog. She and I both had to do 'this' without our parents to guide us. I love this line from her bio: "Whenever I get smug and think I’ve figured something out, it all changes…because children keep on growing and in their wake, I do, too." Too true, Ado.

7. Stephanie of Meatless Mouthfuls. I love that she's trying to eat out less, prepare and serve healthy food to her family and pass on a love of cooking and good food to her kids. I'm going to be checking out Stephanie's blog often for tips and great recipes.

8. Marisa Frank. She's a mom of four who works hard to keep herself and her family in good health.

9. Michelle of Mummy Loves Tea. She's crazy about tea. Really that would be enough for me, but she also has a way of making me think about life's deep subjects. I LOVE that.

10. Christina of Spilled Milkshake. She's a mother of six - SIX! - with a chronic illness, and she's sharing her challenges and her triumphs with the world. You're an inspiration to us all, Christina!

Congratulations ladies!

Please pay these ladies a visit and show them how great this mommy blogger community of ours really is. They'd love to hear from you!


  1. Thanks for visiting Nikki. I love your blog too. I'll be following your cooking exploits with interest!

  2. Well, this was a productive morning. Lots of new links to visit. Congrats on being a versatile blogger. :)

  3. Thank you! I'm flattered and glad you enjoy my blog! Our sweet sugary kids must do a playdate, you know?

  4. That's a great idea, Rach. I'll bring some juice to go with our sweets!

  5. I need some assistants round here to help finish my ideas too!

  6. Awesome! I have a freebie list, but it's more like the 5 things I can eat while I'm on a "diet" which includes chocolate, ice cream, pizza, brownies, and pasta. You know, all the things you're not suppose to eat while on a diet which in turn contradicts a diet =)

  7. congrats!

    Hello! newest follower on GFC from the relax and surf hop! Would love for you to stop by and follow back and say hello!

  8. Thanks for visiting, Kristy and Susie!

    Rachel, I think I like your list better. It's way more practical!

  9. I call dibs on Elle Macpherson! She's been one of my Future Wives since the 1990s.

  10. I have a feeling hubby will let you have her, Steve! :-)

  11. Yay Sue! You and I are #1 Buddies...I've got books I can't finish, cross stitching and embroidery that gather dust, recipes that ingredients go bad for...but I've got lazyitis. And if there's a baseball or tennis match on t.v., forget it....those things take 4 hours, you know! ;)

  12. Oh, so good to know, Beth! We should start a support group for non-finishers. I wonder if anyone would remember to show up to meetings, assuming we ever got around to scheduling any? ;)

  13. Looks and smells like it came from the south end of a north-bound seagull... Bwhahahahahahahah! Oh my word, that is hilarious!
    I hate seagulls. I also hate socks.

  14. So, the Versatile Blogger Award pretty much confirms the truth...I am, thus far, a niche-less blogger. I've been a little concerned about that, but not after receiving an award for it! Seriously, you have good timing and know how to make a fellow writer feel good! Thank you...I need to get to work on 7 things about myself!

  15. Thanks for standing up with me against seagulls and socks, Carri!

    Christine, that's what I have been worried about too. I often worry that this place is too much a reflection of my scattered/cluttered/busy mind, but I guess it works for some people! I look forward to reading your '7 things'!

  16. Oooo, congrats on the award! You write an wonderful blog! Keep up the good work.