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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Fall

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  1. I love the colours of fall. Lovely pictures Sue!

  2. So pretty in your neighborhood. Lovely colors and happy boy. You should link it to Project Alicia and her Autumn Photo Challenge, this Friday the theme is yellow. Those leave are screaming WINNER!

  3. I second Stasha's comment.

    Nothing better than jumping among the leaves. Won't be long before the piles are tall enough to dive into!

  4. Running towards the leaves is such a totally fall event. We are still waiting for our leaves to fall.

  5. This is making me homesick for real fall weather! There is nothing better than running through the falling leaves!

  6. Awww! How pretty!! Love the colours!!

    Happy WW!

  7. great minds think alike today! beautiful pics

  8. those photos are so golden....beautiful!

  9. Awww, pictures like this I still have in my mind and they make me almost cry, I so much miss fall and the leaves and I would like my little one to play in them too. Sigh. Beautiful photos.

  10. Fall is my favorite time of year, and your pictures illustrate why. Gorgeous!

  11. I love fall, not just the colors, but the smell and feel.

  12. That middle picture is beyond awesome!

  13. Gorgeous!! For as much as I love summer, I love the fall too :)

  14. Sorry everyone for the delay in responding. Life got a little nutty around here... again... or do I mean still?

    Thank-you all for your compliments! I LOVE the fall and wish it lasted more than a few weeks.

    Kiddothings, thanks! And thanks for hosting your linky!

    Stasha and Amanda, thanks. I think I will add it to the competition tomorrow! I had fun introducing Jack to the subtle art of leaf-pile-jumoping this year. Okay, it's not so much subtle as it is kamikaze like...

    JDaniel4's Mom, as much as I love fall I am a wee jealous that you are still enjoying summer! :)

    Barbara, I'm homesick in a way too. Alberta is beautiful in the fall - lots of yellow, but I miss the deep reds of my hometown.

    Veronica, thank-you! Happy WW to you as well.

    Rore, great minds do think alike! :)

    Thanks Rachel!

    Mommy, thanks - didn't mean to make you cry. :(

    Thanks Jessica!

    Tucomom, thank-you. It would be my favourite time of year if it lasted just a little (or a lot) longer. :)

    NVPhoto, I feel the same way. That slightly damp chill, the (probably musty) smell. :) Love it!

    Deb, thanks. Love that little guy - so full of joy!

    Jen, I love summer too. Fall is my second favourite season.

  15. These pics are spectacular. I just love how you capture nature in such beautiful scenarios. It looks like your son is having a ball playing in those leaves. Gorgeous pics and thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend,
    Spanish4Kiddos – The Spanish Science Corner

  16. Thanks for the compliments, Barbara! I hope you have a great weekend too.