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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best of the Blogosphere:
November 2011 Blog Tour

It's time for my picks for Best of the Blogosphere for the month of November! To read about how this all began, click here.

November 2011 Edition

There is so much great content out there, and since there's also a LOT of content out there it's sometimes easy to miss the really stellar posts. Every day we bloggers give pieces of ourselves to the blogosphere. This feature is my way of showing my appreciation for your efforts and to thank-you all for supporting mine.

Won't you join me?

There are three ways to participate in the Best of the Blogosphere link up!
  1. Link up your best post from the month of November
  2. Recognize a fellow blogger by linking up someone else's awesome post
  3. Write a list of the November posts you enjoyed most, like I did, and link it up. (Remember to also include in your list the post you're most proud of writing this month!)
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This is also a very special week for #MondayListicles with NorthWest Mommy. She is honouring Kim of Zook Book Nook. Kim has a new feature to explore the senses - this week, Stasha is guest posting and writing on the sense of sight. Kim is expecting a baby, and so we are to link up our photos as inspiration to her.

I know all of you will understand, and the very occupied Kim will understand, when I tell you that I am short on time this week. So, I am going to combine two posts in this one (three actually, since I'm also linking up with LoveLinks #33). The photos you see here are the lovely faces and buttons that belong to the talented bloggers I am recognizing this month as being the Best of the Blogosphere.

If you haven't already, pay these bloggers a visit and congratulate them!

1. This story just about broke my heart, but then filled it up again with hope and love. Ado of The Momalog brought us this guest post from her friend, and supermom, Megan: My Friend Megan

2. Chase McFadden wrote this hilarious post for Aiming Low that dads may relate to and moms will howl at: Aiming Low: Literally

3. Another funny daddy blogger, Ryan of iPadiDad always has me laughing and this month was no exception: I DO NOT have the X Factor

4. I had to laugh at this post from Jessica of Four Plus an Angel, and especially this line "I swear I watch my children....But there are a lot of them....and sometimes I have to brush my teeth or pee or blink." Mess? What Mess?

5. This was such a sweet post from Leighann of Multitasking Mumma. I could really picture the mom she describes - like every mom - with mixed feelings of joy and sadness, gratitude and regret: Proudly Becoming a Mom

6. Ado of The Momalog made my list twice this month. She's just that good. I loved her take on this #MondayListicles topic: High School years

7. I'm featuring this post by the fabulous G of Kiddothings because this post so represents where I am right now with my darling 4-year-old, and really should appear on my blog - though not written by me - and... now it does:  How To Be A 4-Year-Old PITA

8. I had to laugh at this #MondayListicles post from MaNNaHaTTaMaMMa: Are You on Vacation? Or a Family Trip?

9. This one from Nicole of By Word of Mouth Musings we can all relate to: Baby Names. And WHAT were you thinking? Do also read the comments on this one!

10. I loved this post from My 3 Little Birds, partly because of the beautiful fall photos Mary included. Her message helped me to remember that no dream is silly and that it's never too late: Why Silence is Holding You Back

Finally, my best post from the month - at least, it's my favourite - is this one: His and Hers

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Zook Book Nook

I'm also linked up with Bruna and Jen for their fabulous Friday linkups. Check them out!

Let's BEE Friends


  1. This list is perfect. And you truly are a friend for helping me round everyone up. Thank you so much Sue.
    You know there are three bloggers I have never visited before! Must make my way there!

  2. What a wonderful compilation of posts!

  3. Thank you so much for the shout out Sue. I am honoured to be in your list. I have read some of them and think that they are truly great choices. I have to check out the rest.

  4. Thanks Stasha! I'm happy to help. Thanks to you, I have inspiration to write every Monday!

    Thank-you Galit! It's always hard for me to pick just ten!

    G, you're welcome. That post of yours must have been written about my life. I really identified with it! :)

  5. Great collection of posts you've got here. And from some very impressive people. Good job!

  6. Thank you so much! What an honor to be included here.

  7. Thank you so much Sue!!
    What a wonderful surprise. You always have a way of making my day.

  8. Thank you so much, Sue! You made my day...twice! I am included twice! I am just, well, very full of myself today because I got included here! And I have left the link on Hayden's Hope blog so Megan gets the good news too because the My Friend Megan one is really all her doing! (-:
    Thank you!
    Must go clean up the coffee I spilled all over myself in my gleeful surprise....!
    PS: What a great idea for a monthly linkup! If I can get my act together I will try and link up. The other blog posts you have listed here are top-notch, haven't read them all yet but will do.

  9. Oh wow, what an honor, thank you so much!

  10. Thanks Jacqui. I was impressed by these bloggers too!

    You're welcome, Mary. I enjoyed your post - very motivating!

    Leighann, you are so welcome! :)

    Ado, you're welcome! I wouldn't normally list someone twice, but as you say, the first is really a nod to Megan. Wonderful posts, both of them.

    You're welcome, Jessica. Thanks for the laugh!

  11. what a great idea to showcase other bloggers! I had no idea...but will check them out for sure!

  12. Thanks for gathering up these good reads - off to check them out now...

  13. Oh, I love it when people put together lists and I fall down another rabbit hole of reading. ;)

    Good stuff here.

  14. I've read almost all, and I agree they are wonderful posts. Will have to catch up on the others.

  15. I loved your His and Hers post. Definitely a favourite of mine from this month. I could completely relate.

  16. Thanks Rory! Yes, definitely check them out!

    June, I hope you find some new, fabulous bloggers to follow!

    Hee hee. Sorry Julie! :)

    Barbara, we do hang out in many of the same places! :)

    Aww, thanks so much, Lisa! :)

    Thanks Alison. I agree - really great posts by these bloggers!

  17. I agree with many of the blogs/posts you have listed here. I have been brought to tears and/or inspired in some way by them. Good bloggers/posts are hard to find.

  18. You've got seriously great people on your list - all enjoyable to read!

  19. Thanks Laura. There is a lot of content out there. It's sometimes hard to weed through it all to find the gems.

    Thanks Kid! I think so too. :)

  20. What a great link-up! I need to join in. So many linkies I want to be apart of but so little time to jump in.

    A great highlight list!

  21. I just linked up my Nov. BoB. Better late than never.

  22. Thanks Bruna! Would love to have you join in anytime!

    Definitely, Joy! Thanks for linking up again this month and supporting your fellow bloggers. So nice to see!