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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kid History #6:
"Health food will make you strong.
But candy will make you rich! Or will it?"

In light of my recent dietary restrictions - I'll spare you the gory details - this Kid History episode is especially funny to me. If you've never heard of Kid History, well, you've been missing out on some serious belly laughs.

So, no Wordless(ish) Wednesday photos, just for today. Prepare to giggle and snort along with this video!
--> For more laughs from the Kid History gang, see:
Chidren's Storytelling - Pregnant Pauses and Creative Substitutions

If you're unable to view the above movie, you can link directly to it here: http://youtu.be/fh0NLQJfAYU

You can also visit the Kid History gang at Bored Shorts TV on YouTube.


  1. Oh MY! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH! That was awesome! I love the funny noises they made with their mouths. I didn't realize how adorable men would be with children's voices...thank you very much for introducing this to me. I'm sure it will be added to my already growing list of time wasting addictions =P

  2. That was my reaction too - grown men with itty bitty voices = hilarity! It's time WELL wasted, Rachel! :)

  3. You can only have one...'cause it's too tingly! LOL!! That's my favorite line =)

  4. Hahahaha!!! This is by far the funniest thing I've ever seen! What a way to start my day! I can't stop laughing! :D

  5. Christina, I laughed at that silliness too.

    G, I was in tears the first time I saw these videos!

  6. Never heard of these before. FUNNY! I look like that in the morning too, before I shave.

  7. Stasha, you are very silly (it's a good thing)! :)